Marketing Automation

It takes a lot of resources to generate and nurture leads, publish content on a regular schedule, and maintain inbound activities as well as monitor the performance of your inbound strategies. It’s why many businesses will benefit from a variety of automation tools. At Paradox Marketing we offer marketing automation services that can evaluate your current sales & marketing strategies and efforts to determine how and where your business can benefit from marketing automation.

Streamline And Optimize Lead Management Systems & Processes

Marketing automation helps to automate tasks that are time-consuming to do manually and that don’t need continuous attention to be executed effectively. Places, where automation can help to streamline and optimize your inbound systems and processes, include these areas:

Once you’ve qualified the leads you’ve generated, it’s time to assign them to your sales team. You may, however, want to assign these leads based on certain parameters. Lead management automation software will allow you to set up these parameters and automatically distribute your leads to your sales personnel based on your set of rules or conditions.

For example, you can allocate leads based on the product they’re interested in, the location they’re in, and more. Or you can simply use a round-robin system that randomly distributes your leads. This type of automation can increase efficiency as well as reduce conflicts throughout your sales team. Whatever way you automate your lead assignment, doing so can help to significantly reduce response time and allow your sales team to connect with qualified leads before your competition has a chance to.

Maintaining your email list can expend a lot of resources if you’re not using automation. Automation can help segment your email list, enabling you to target specific recipients with more relevant content. It can also trigger emails based on actions taken by leads, such as when they sign up to an email list, purchase a product, or download something from your website. Automation can also be used to nurture your leads by automatically sending a string of emails at regularly scheduled intervals.

Email isn’t the only workflow that can benefit from automation. Your content strategy can benefit from automation as well. For example, if your content is created ahead of time, automation tools can publish pre-created content automatically at specific times and dates, rather than manually publishing it every week.

Tracking and engaging leads as they move through the buyer’s cycle is important if you don’t want to lose them; however, tracking can be incredibly inefficient–and borderline impossible–without the use of automation and a defined lead management process. One tactic used in lead management that can be automated, is lead scoring, which allows you to automatically assign scores to your leads based on their actions. This makes it easier for your sales team to identify leads that are ready to be engaged with.

The benefit of this is immense as your sales team won’t waste time trying to close sales with leads that aren’t qualified, and highly qualified leads who are ready to purchase won’t slip through your fingers.

We Create A Custom Automation Strategy

There are many ways to automate your sales and marketing tactics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it. You may not want to automate certain tasks because you want to ensure that they are done correctly or with a personal touch by your marketing team. We will evaluate your business goals and customize your automation strategy to meet your specific needs.

We can implement an automation strategy using the software of your choice. For example, if you’re using a specific CRM solution, we can integrate automation tools that will work with that solution.

It’s impossible to determine what automation tools will best suit your needs without first knowing your business objectives. Automation is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. We will determine what types of automation will suit your needs best based on business objectives.

Marketing Automation Services We Provide

Paradox Marketing provides a variety of marketing automation services to help meet your unique needs. Here are some of the marketing automation services that could benefit your business:

Our marketing automation consultants will do a comprehensive evaluation of your inbound strategy and your business objectives to identify any inefficiencies that can be eliminated through the use of automation tools. We will also provide recommendations for automation solutions in areas that we believe can be improved through the use of automation.

We can identify where automation will be useful in your project and implement the solutions that we think will best suit that project. We will make sure that any automation tools that are implemented will be properly integrated with your other applications and processes so that everything will run smoothly.

In addition to implementing and integrating automation software, we provide ongoing management to ensure that those automation tools are working as effectively as possible. We’ll ensure that your marketing and sales teams are taking proper advantage of the automation solutions we’ve implemented and that any other applications that you add to your inbound strategy are successfully integrated using your existing automation software. As your business expands, we may recommend and implement additional automation solutions.

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