Sonder: The Unknown Driving Force Of Sales And Marketing

Interpreting Sonder In Marketing
Sales and marketing are about reaching out to this entire world providing the best and high quality products and services. In this video called “Sonder”, I actually learned somethign along the line when I used my prespective as a person that involves a lot in marketing and sales.

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I once encountered the most hauntingly beautiful video. A friend had shared it on their Facebook feed.

I’ll embed it here for easy access. It was created by John Koenig from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Often we are so considerably lost within our own perception of being the protagonist, that we forget the fact that the world has more  than 7 billion other protagonists, each with their own story and setting.

Sales and marketing is about reaching out to this entire world of people, who ordinarily would not have been within our social trajectory.

We represent a business that we believe whole heartedly is capable of providing a much needed or valued service or product that could assist these protagonists with the crafting of their stories.

3 Ways Sales and Marketing Can Fail in Appreciating Sonder

It’s one thing to now have a word for the feeling, the epiphany that the entire of society is simply thos host to millions and billions of personal narratives, it is another thing to learn from this realisation.

  1. We can fail by making assumptions
    When we assume that we understand the life cycle or story of our target audience, then we place ourselves in some very dangerous territory. We leave our advertising in places where we believe they will encounter it. Yet if and when they do; it is meaningless. So many marketing campaigns or sales pushes, simply do not conduct adequate research into their target population.
  1. We can rush into forcing contact
    When two worlds collide, it can either be catastrophic or it can be a source of growth for both. By rushing into someone else’s life and suddenly trying to sell to them, or convince them of the merit of your product or service, you are not paying respect to their story.
  1. We can over estimate the universality of our product or service
    You have probably heard countless people to tell you to niche down, and really focus on who your potential buyers may be. Assuming that everyone could be our buyers is an expensive ordeal for a marketer or salesman to go through. For the marketer they are displaying adds to a population of people who are not relevant, for the salesman they are engaging with people who are not qualified to buy.

The only way to truly relate and connect to other people’s stories, is to view them without our own ego.

Once we relate and connect better to other people’s story, then we can stand to:

  • Convert more visitors into leads
  • Convert more leads into sales
  • Convert more customers into repeat customers
  • convert more repeat customers into brand evangelists
  • Spend less on our advertising

This is achieved by

  • performing research (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • gaining feedback from past and current clients
  • monitoring the social media and content consumed by people within our target group
  • observing the way that people interact with our brand

These techniques and unique opportunities work in both sales and marketing, but they obviousl have their own unique take aways and implementations.

For a further look into the key differences between sales and marketing, check out our Free E-Book, “The Difference Between Sales and Marketing”.

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