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Your inbound marketing strategy is largely driven by a dynamic website that acts as the foundation for all of your online sales, marketing, and branding strategies. Considering its importance, good web design is integral to the success of your marketing campaign. Poor web design can doom your online marketing strategies before you even get a chance to fully implement them. Paradox Marketing will use the best website design practices to help you create a website tailored to your specific sales, marketing, and branding needs.

Customer First Design In Action

We emphasize “customer first design.” This means that instead of employing a basic blueprint for website designs, we communicate thoroughly with our customers to evaluate exactly what their wants and needs are. We work closely with every single customer, not only taking into consideration their wants and needs but also to provide advice concerning their ultimate goals. We also take into account the buyer personas of the customer when designing a website. We use all of this information to carefully tailor a website for each specific customer.

Completely Custom Designs, Not A Template in Site

Your visitors will judge your website design on how easy your site is to use as well as how it looks. Aesthetics are important, especially when it comes to establishing or expanding your brand. Using an existing template will only make your website look like the thousands of other websites that use the same template. We will design your website from the ground up, customizing the look so that it accurately reflects your brand image and making your site stand out from the rest.

We offer clients a bespoke website design, which means that we will implement the features that you want and need, whether it’s something as simple as an FAQ page or a blog page or something a bit more complex, such as an e-commerce page or a built-in chat feature. When choosing to work with a web designer, look for one who offers a bespoke design. Otherwise, you may be choosing from different pre-existing web design packages that may either include features you don’t need or not have all the features you want. A bespoke design ensures you’re paying for exactly what you need and want.

Aesthetics are certainly important as a website that doesn’t look good will reflect poorly on the quality of your brand. Website performance, however, is arguably more important than design in the long run. Your website needs to be easy to navigate so that your visitors, who are searching for something in particular, can find that information within seconds. If they’re attempting to find information about a product, don’t make it difficult for them because if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll likely leave out of frustration. We make sure that your site is built so that it loads quickly and is easy to navigate and that visitors can find what they’re looking for with ease.

Unrivaled Communication Process For Website Projects

In addition to sitting down with our customers at the beginning of the process to determine exactly what their needs are, we keep clear lines of communication open throughout the entire design process. Updates are provided regularly concerning the progress of your website design and its implementation, as well as any research we do (such as keyword research or competitor research).

We Can Work Across A Wide Range of Platforms

When building a website, there are many platform options to choose from. Our web development team has the experience and skills needed to work across any number of platforms. We can also help you choose which platform best suits your company’s needs if you’re unsure. Here are a few of the different platform options available:

WordPress is a popular platform due to its flexibility and versatility. Using WordPress, you can build everything from a very minimal site to an enormous multi-faceted e-commerce site. There are thousands of plug-ins and themes available, making it easy to customize a WordPress site as well, not to mention that it’s known for being SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.

HubSpot is known for its inbound marketing and sales software, and it just so happens that its CMS platform is an excellent option for website design as well. No coding is required for basic functions, making it a great choice for those with limited technical abilities; however, coding is available for additional, more advanced customization. The platform boasts many personalization features and makes it easy to integrate your site with all of your marketing efforts. Tracking performance is also made easy using their analytics.

A custom coded website is one that is unique to you and no one else. We will build your site from the ground up so that your site’s design, layout, and functionality will all meet your company’s specific needs. You’ll pay for exactly what you want and need and nothing else.

Website Designs Are Created With SEO In Mind

Building a beautiful and functional website is important, but it’s all for nothing if nobody can find it online. We are intimately familiar with SEO and best practices, which means we will design and build your website with SEO and Google’s preferences in mind.

Your website architecture is extremely important to your search engine rankings. Good website architecture makes it easy for search engines like Google to crawl your site and rank your pages. Poor architecture can make it difficult, resulting in search engines potentially missing pages that would have helped improve your ranking.

Your website’s source code tells search engines what your webpages are about. This means that using search engine friendly code is important to make sure that your pages are ranked for relevant searches. This code includes title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, internal links anchor text, nofollow links, image alt tags, and schema markup. We can even do the necessary research to determine what relevant keywords will be the most effective to use in your code for SEO purposes.

Online users have little patience so if they come across a webpage that takes more than three seconds to load, there’s a good chance they will leave. They’ll have no trouble finding a similar site that loads quicker, so if your site is loading slowly, you could lose potential leads to your competitors. Not only is this an issue, but when your visitors leave quickly without interacting with your site, it will affect your bounce rate. A high bounce rate can, in turn, hurt your page rankings so we will ensure that your website loads quickly.

Your business depends on having a website that is mobile-friendly. A very large percentage of your visitors will likely be viewing your site on their mobile devices. While it won’t affect your normal SEO, it will affect your mobile SEO. Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly will be ranked lower on mobile SEO and you’ll attract fewer visitors on their mobile devices. Paradox Marketing will ensure your site appeals to all visitors, regardless of their device.

It's critical to find a website developer who understands what your vision for your website is and can deliver an exceptional product in advanced turn-around times. Talk to one of our Trusted Advisors to discuss your upcoming website development project today.
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