The Top 10 WordPress Website Builders That You Can Use Easily

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WordPress is a very popular content management system (CMS) that boasts a plugin architecture to help you easily create and manage your website. It’s also free and open-source, meaning anyone can contribute to its development. It’s why there are so many themes and plugins available to make your site look and function exactly how you want it to. 

When building a website using WordPress, you can take many different approaches. You can hire a WordPress developer to build a custom site from scratch, however this can cost a lot of money. 

You can also use a WordPress website builder to create a WordPress site, which doesn’t require any coding experience. If you plan to use a WordPress website builder, the following guide will help you choose the best one for your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A WordPress Website Builder

WordPress website builders have many benefits, especially if you’re not a coder or web designer. Website builders can help you create a beautiful website without having to touch a single line of code. 

You can also easily add and manage content, including pages, posts, images, and other media. Plus, most WordPress website builders come with a wide range of features and plugins to extend your site’s functionality.

The Best Website Builders For WordPress

Many WordPress website builders are available, but not all of them are created equal. Some are better suited for certain types of sites, while others offer more features and flexibility. It’s also worth noting that some are free, while others require a subscription. 

Still, most website builders have a tier system, meaning they offer basic plans for free but require you to purchase a premium version for additional features. With that in mind, the following are 10 of the best website builders you can use to build your WordPress website:

1. SeedProd

SeedProd is a mobile-friendly drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create custom themes and page layouts without having to code. Although they do offer pre-built themes, it’s their Theme Builder feature that sets them apart. Using the Theme Builder, you can create custom pages, posts, headers, footers, sidebars, archives, and more.

SeedProd is particularly effective when creating landing pages, whether it’s an opt-in, sales, log-in, webinar, coming soon, thank you, or maintenance page. Other features include subscriber management, spam protection, and premium integrations with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and many other email marketing platforms.

SeedProd is available in four different plans ranging from $39.50 to $239.60/year. It’s worth mentioning that SeedProd does offer a free trial that never expires. However, its features are much more limited than those available in its premium plans.

2. Beaver Builder

When it comes to user-friendly website builders, Beaver Builder certainly stakes a claim. It has a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface and is known for generating clean code, allowing users to fine-tune their designs more easily. Beaver Builder also boasts a sizable library of templates to choose from.

Additionally, the website builder has a unique Assistant Pro feature. This feature lets you store and organize everything on the cloud, from your templates and pre-built rows to theme customizer settings and color codes. As a result, you can import these settings into any WordPress site with the click of a button.

Finally, Beaver Builder comes with excellent support. However, it’s not without a few drawbacks. For example, it doesn’t support nearly as many integrations as other website builders, and has a somewhat limited selection of tools compared to other builders.

Beaver Builder premium website builders range from $99 to $546/year. There is a free version available, but it’s much more limited in terms of features (for example, it does not come with advanced modules or pre-built templates).

3. Divi

Divi is another beginner-friendly website builder, although it’s much more comprehensive than some other “beginner” website builders. For example, it comes with more than 800 templates along with customizable content modules and site themes. 

Not only does it have a user-friendly drag-and-drop function, but it also has an exceptional real-time front-end visual editor. This editor makes it easy to view what your changes will look like before you publish them. 

Additionally, you can save your personalized templates and add advanced styling using custom CSS code. It’s important to note that although the user interface is very friendly, the number of features and customization options can overwhelm beginners. And while there’s a lot of helpful documentation you can rely on for information, there’s no email ticketing support channel.

There is also no free version of Divi available. Instead, there is just one plan that you can subscribe to in two different ways: the $89/year plan and the $249 one-time fee plan (which comes with more features). 

It’s also important to mention that Divi is part of the Elegant Themes family. When you purchase one of these plans, you’ll also have access to Extra, Bloom, and Monarch, which are all excellent tools in their own right.

4. Elementor

Elementor is one of the most popular website builders available because both beginners and experts can benefit from it. For example, its drag-and-drop interface and the more than 300 templates make the website builder very user-friendly. It’s also a live page builder plugin, which means that you can see the changes that you’re making in real-time. 

On the other hand, experts will appreciate the ability to add custom CSS or HTML code, use integrated landing pages, and utilize form creation tools. Not to mention, you can even make minor changes to your site’s appearance between the desktop and mobile versions.

There are only a couple of real downsides. First of all, although the premium versions are packed with features, they aren’t organized as well as they could be, which can make them confusing for new users. Finally, while there is a free version of Elementor, it’s very basic compared to everything that comes with the paid plans. Elementor paid plans range from $49 to $999/year.

5. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is yet another excellent beginner-friendly website builder plugin for WordPress. The free version is especially useful for beginners because it comes with 30 elements and 10 templates, which is certainly limited but is perfect for those who are just getting started. 

However, you could go as far as to say its drag-and-drop interface is overly simplistic. While this will benefit new users, it can be a little frustrating for experienced users.

One of the positives is that Visual Composer is a full-site builder. This means you can customize every component of your website, including the sidebars, menus, logos, headers, footers, and more. 

In addition, experienced users will appreciate the ability to customize the look of every element, such as adding gradients or parallax backgrounds. Finally, support is provided for Yoast SEO, Google Fonts, and the new Gutenberg editor. Outside the limited free version, Visual Composer is available in five different plans that range from $49 to $849/year.

6. Themify

Themify is a drag-and-drop WordPress web page builder. It boasts 42 themes and several modules that you can add to your web pages or posts, however many of these modules require you to install separate plugins. Themify offers live editing, which means you can edit your pages from your live site and the general admin area. 

As a result, you can see the changes you’re making in real-time. One of the big perks of using Themify is that you can use it on unlimited sites.

Themify does have a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, although it has its share of helpful user interface (UI) features, it can take a little getting used to. As a result, beginners may find it challenging to get a handle on the UI. Secondly, although you can download the builder plugin for free, you’ll need to pay for the premium plans to access any of Themify’s themes. 

As far as the Themify plans go, they range from $59/theme to $249/lifetime plan, but their cheapest plan only comes with a single theme.

7. WP Page Builder

The WP Page Builder is a page builder plugin offered by WordPress itself. It’s one of the simpler page builder tools available and has an easy to use drag-and-drop function. However, this tool probably won’t have the features that an expert would want from a page builder. Still, it should suit beginners who have no interest in coding or doing anything overly complicated with their WordPress site.

WP Page Builder has several features that make it worth recommending. These features include the ability to create a library of saved designs and make unique adjustments to your content elements with the click of a button. The plugin also includes more than 60 content blocks, various add-ons, and dozens of pre-designed layout packs.

In addition to the free version, WordPress offers three premium plans for its WP Page Builder, including updates and support services. These plans range from $39 to $99/year.

8. SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin is another page builder tool that provides everything beginners and experts alike need to create a custom WordPress website. Although both a free and a premium version are available, the free version is quite comprehensive on its own. 

Like the other tools on this list, SiteOrigin’s page builder is drag-and-drop. It can also integrate with any theme and boasts live editing, so you can see the changes as you make them.

Additionally, all of its widgets and modules are responsive, which means your website will look great on any device. There are also plenty of pre-built layouts if you don’t want to design your page layouts yourself. Finally, SiteOrigin provides extensive support and documentation to assist users, and actively updates the plugin with new features and modules. 

An enhanced version of SiteOrigins Page Builder is available for only $29, allowing you to build custom post types, add block animations, and much more.

9. Oxygen

Oxygen is a website builder that may be better suited for advanced users in search of more control over their website design. Although it boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, it might be a little too complicated for beginners, especially compared with other website builders.

Oxygen appeals to more advanced developers because it not only lets you add custom CSS and HTML snippets (something many basic builders do as well), but it also allows you to add custom JavaScript and PHP code (which many basic builders don’t do). As such, Oxygen essentially allows users to customize their WordPress sites in any way they want.

Besides being somewhat complicated to use compared to more beginner-friendly website builders, the only drawback is that there’s no free version available. Oxygen is currently available for a one-time price, ranging from $129 to $149.

10. Brizy

Last but not least, Brizy is another excellent beginner-friendly website builder for WordPress. It includes a drag-and-drop function along with inline editing, which makes it easier to see what changes you’re making as you make them. 

In addition, there are a lot of responsive pre-built templates to choose from, along with a form builder that lets you build custom forms. These templates come with more than 120 layouts and 251 blocks.

Another perk is its ability to integrate with various marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp and Salesforce. Additionally, the premium version (Brizy Pro) comes with several valuable features, including the Popup Builder, which lets you build custom popups triggered based on various conditions (such as inactivity, on-page load, and more).

The only major drawback is that there is no developer API. As a result, you can’t use third-party extensions or add-ons like you can with many other website builders. There’s also very little educational documentation available to help users. Three versions of Brizy Pro are available, ranging from one-time fees of $149 to $399.

Choose The Website Builder That Does More For You

Building a website is no longer as difficult as it once was. Nowadays, you don’t need any coding experience to create a website, especially if you’re using WordPress. These 10 WordPress website builders make it easy for anyone to create a beautiful and fully functional website with little to no effort. Compare the features of each of them to determine which WordPress website builder is best for you.

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