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Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing tactics out there but that doesn’t mean it is outdated. Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to nurture leads through the sales funnel. Out of all the different inbound marketing tactics, email marketing has also proven to provide one of the highest ROIs. It is why so many businesses continue to leverage email marketing as an important facet of their overall strategy. It does, however, take a lot more than just sending out the occasional email newsletter to have a successful email marketing campaign.

Here at Paradox Marketing, we can evaluate your current email marketing efforts as well as help you tailor an email marketing campaign to meet your specific needs.

Defining An Email Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Without a clear strategy in place, including goals and the tactics to reach those goals, there is no way to determine whether or not your email marketing efforts are successful. We will help you define a clear email marketing strategy using tactics such as segmentation, personalization, targeted content creation, and more. The needs of every business are unique, which means we will customize your email marketing strategy based on what your business does, who your target audience is, and what your goals are.

Benefits Of Partnering With An Email Marketing Consultant

There’s much more to running a successful email marketing campaign than just writing a newsletter. An email marketing consultant can help address any issues you may have, analyze the data you’ve collected, improve your email marketing strategy, and help nurture your leads more effectively. We’ll explore some of the specific ways that a professional email marketing consultant can help you:

According to the DMA (Data & Marketing Association), the average ROI on an email marketing campaign is roughly $32 for every $1 spent. We can evaluate your current email marketing strategy to identify weak points and to improve it, as well as create an email marketing strategy from scratch that can help to improve your current email ROI.

A common misconception that businesses have is that because their email recipients signed up to receive emails at some point, that they are inherently loyal to their brand. It doesn’t work that way. You do not have their loyalty yet, in fact, one of the goals of your email campaign should be to develop that loyalty through the content sent in your emails. This can be done by determining the specific needs and problems of your recipients are and sending them content that is relevant, informative, and helpful instead of overly promotional.

Just because someone has signed up to your email newsletter does not mean they will actually follow your newsletters’ calls-to-action, or even open your emails. We can increase your open rates as well as your conversion rates by creating relevant email subject lines that will draw more attention and by crafting better content with more effective CTAs.

Testing your email is the best way to determine exactly what works and what doesn’t. We will use A/B testing methods to get the absolute most out of every email you send. We will assess these tests to determine some of the following things:

  • When the best time to send your emails is
  • Whether long copy or short copy works best for your audience
  • What type of content has the most conversions
  • What types of CTAs convert the most (down to the color of the CTA buttons)
  • How often you should send out emails
  • How much personalization is needed
  • What type of tone recipients engage with most
  • Whether social proof improves conversions
  • What type of layout and design works best for your emails

Email marketing can be time-consuming and inefficient if done incorrectly. We can help with that by evaluating your email list and purging dead contact records. We can also use the data you’ve collected from your recipients to segment your lists. This will prevent you from sending emails to recipients to whom the content may not be relevant, which wastes everybody’s time and creates distance between your business and your subscribers.

We will also help implement email marketing automation. This will save a significant amount of time by scheduling when your emails go out well ahead of time and allowing you to focus your valuable time on other more pressing marketing and sales tasks.

Email Campaigns We Can Assist With

Working with an email marketing consultant can be incredibly beneficial to the success of your email campaigns. Some of the email campaigns that we can assist you with here at Paradox Marketing follow:

Writing sales emails is a challenge for many. You don’t want to come off as overly promotional, nor do you want your emails to sound like they’re pressurizing your lead. We can help provide you with effective sales email templates customized to match your company’s voice and to address the needs of your leads. We can create a variety of sales templates for use in different situations.

Autoresponder emails are pre-written emails that send out automatically at certain time intervals when a lead whose email information you have takes a certain action. Autoresponder emails are a great way to remain at the top of the mind of your leads as well as to engage with them on a regular basis and build a foundation for your relationship. However, because they are pre-written, it is extremely important that they are carefully crafted or they can come off as impersonal and overly promotional.

The last thing you’ll want to do is email an ad promoting a new product to a lead that has just signed up to your email list. That’s not how lead nurturing works. An effective lead nurturing campaign is one that addresses the needs of the lead first and foremost and that focuses on building a relationship with that lead. This involves providing the lead with something of value, sending them content that is relevant to their needs, establishing goals and objectives, and more. We will help you design lead nurturing campaigns that are tailored specifically to your audience.

Post-service delivery follow-up emails are not too different from autoresponder emails. They are emails that are pre-written and automatically sent out to leads who take certain actions. For example, if they make a purchase or download an offer sent in one of your emails, you can set up a follow-up email to be sent to them thanking them, asking them for feedback, or making other recommendations. We can help craft, friendly, follow-up emails, that your leads will appreciate.

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