What Is A Thank You Page? – And Examples

Thank You Page is Not Just For Saying Gratitude
Just after your customer completing a certain action on your site, you can be thanking them for that. But it shouldn’t end the line. You can keep them to see what might interest them related to the action they just took. This is really beneficial for you if you really want to engage with the customers. So you need to utilize your thank you page as much as possible.

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Have you ever been thanked by a page before? Well, I have.

I’m usually thanked for purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or a webinar.

It doesn’t make me feel important, but it does give me a sense of closure. I’m confident that I successfully did something that day.

If you are offering something on your website, you really need to close it with a “Thank You” page, it’s very important.

Maybe you think you don’t need one? Find out how a Thank You page works and how to build one.

Why Do You Need A Thank You Page?

There’s no rule book to guide you on the rights and wrongs when building a website. There’s no code you need to comply with, like when you have an actual physical building.

Building a website needs trial and error, you need to keep evolving and learning to fulfill the needs of your business.

Here are some points on why you actually NEED to have a Thank You Page.

Customer’s Journey – The simplest purpose of a Thank You page is to mark a customer’s journey. This is when you thank them for something small, like signing up or liking a post on your website. This marks your visitor from someone who was simply browsing around to someone who’s interested in you.

Prospect Turns Customer – When your visitors do something more, like actually buying your product or purchasing your ebook, a Thank You page will make them feel recognized. In ways, they are already recognized, you can then keep track of their contacts and try to retain them. Everyone has their cart filled up with something they haven’t checked out. Both the seller and the buyer should feel a sense of accomplishment once the product is checked out.

Triggering Commitment – Combining the two previous points, this is where psychology comes in. When people have already completed something minor, there’s a bigger chance that they will follow through or commit to something more. If you thanked them for signing up or subscribing, you can then direct them to a purchase or continue to a free trial.

Digital Tracking – This may just be the coolest thing about the digital age, you can track everything because everything is data. You can track how many people landed on your Thank You page and measure your conversions for the week. You can also install different tracking to see which of your products are getting the most attention.

Just like everything else online, there’s no right or wrong. You can have different elements on your Thank You page depending on your business and what your agenda is.

Learn more about the elements that can help you build your ideal Thank You page.

1. Thank Your Customer

This is a non starter. With a Thank You page, you want to thank your customer.

Print out the “Thank You” in bold, big letters. You want to include what it is you’re thanking them for.

With anything that’s done on the web, people imagine robots, they don’t feel connected to whatever it is they are doing. It’s harder for you to point people in the direction you want if you don’t connect with them. That’s why it’s important to get the details right. You want every interaction to feel personalized.

Here are a couple of things you usually see a Thank You page for:

  1. Subscribing
  2. Signing Up
  3. Purchasing
  4. Joining a seminar or event
  5. Becoming a member
  6. Filling out a form
  7. And more.

If they’re already a member, or their account gives you access to their personal details, like their names. You can include that in the big letters too. Makes them feel like they are personally valued by you.

After the words you can add a cool picture which relates to your brand.

Next, you want to add a brief portion of copywriting. It can be details of their involvement with you, benefits they might get, or just something extra you want to tell them.

When you have all the components, you just need to tie it together with the most appropriate design to make sure everything is visually appealing.

The next components of a Thank You page are not mandatory, but they are more useful.

2. Direct Your Customer

Your customer landed on your Thank You page after they completed an action. To direct them somewhere else, all you need to do is add another CTA on your Thank You page.

Remember the “Triggering Commitment” point we discussed earlier? This is that.

A CTA just needs simple words and an attractively colored button. Make sure that the button is obviously visible, don’t hide it somewhere in the corner of the page. 

The text on your CTA depends on the goal. Here are a couple of goals you might have to keep them on your website just a little bit longer:

  • Downloading something
  • Filling out a survey
  • Offering a discount to use on their first purchase, or their next purchase
  • Sharing on social media
  • Registering for more or upcoming events
  • Purchasing something cheaper or a bundle
  • Purchasing a similar product
  • Creating an account

Basically, something else other than the thing you are already thanking them for.

3. Encourage Shares Using Social Buttons

Social Media is almost as essential as food. There are the occasional people out there who don’t use Social Media, but the most likely have an account. At least one.

People talk to their friends, families, and also their fans on social media.

The unique thing about social media is that everyone has their own circle. You are usually close with people who have at least one similar belief or like. You can think of it as a free targeted ad campaign.

If somebody signed up for something, or purchased something really cool, their friends and families might want to get in on the action too.

Yes, some campaigns may be about standing out, but most people really want to fit in while standing out, if that makes sense. What I’m trying to say is that, someone might want to buy your product simply because their friends already did.

Social media makes it easier for businesses, large or small, as long as you’ve figured out how it works.

You don’t want anything fancy for your Social Media button, keep their original icons. You can change the color, but it is better to keep the social media logo as it is. Even if it doesn’t match the design on your page.

That way, people are drawn to the logo since they see it every day. What you can do is add some copy to encourage them. That’s how you make it your own.

4. Promote Your Product/Service

If you do sell products on your website, this might be the most convenient element you can have on your Thank You page.

There are different ways you can present this element, it depends on your marketing strategy, budget, and goals. These are the different effective ways you can apply it.

General Promotion – This is usually a 10% or 25% off on their next purchase. You can make it urgent by adding a week or two until the voucher expires.

Extension Promotion – This works something like a Guarantee Card or Guarantee Certificate. So maybe you offer a free set up if they buy something else, or you offer a free service of the product in under two years. It can also be an additional product. Let’s say you successfully sold a shower head, you can offer a free towel rack if they signed up, or became a member.

Personalized Promotion – You are offering a discount or promo for your product, but you include a special code that is only for that customer. So you can customize it however you like, and you can adjust it to how much of a loyal customer they are.

Product Awareness – Like the image above, this one is sort of a cheap yet fruitful effort to promote your product. Once they’re done purchasing something, push out other products they might be interested in, or haven’t seen before. This one is as effective as the code you’ve included. The smarter the AI, the easier it is to make the sale.

There are other ways you might find more appealing, but these are a few to get you started.

You can present your Thank You page however you like. You want to keep your “Thank You” statement large, but you don’t want your promotion to slip by. Also, you can easily do this by making the suggestion medium-sized, or you can also have a very simply designed page so that there’s not too much visual clutter to distract your customer.

5. Show Your Gratitude Through Promos Or Discounts

Yes, this does seem similar to the point before. What you’re doing is essentially the same. You want your customers to do more and stay longer.

The main difference is in how they landed to your Thank You page itself.

What they did to deserve that extra gratitude.

You can promote your product at any time, you can offer them a discount because they purchased something. This can be a year round campaign. 24/7.

Showing your gratitude is specific. It’s because they did something you really want them to. Here are a couple of things worth showing your gratitude for:

  • Signing up
  • Finishing a poll
  • Becoming a member
  • Filling out extra details
  • Spending a lot of money
  • Spending a lot of time
  • Sharing on social media
  • Reviewing your product
  • And more

Basically something other than the basic goal you have. You want to award them because they did more than what was asked of them, and it doesn’t have to be something big.

Let’s take school as an example. The mandatory expectation would be to show up to class and pass the test.

Extra gratitude should be given to those who ask questions in class, and volunteer.

As an online business, people are expected to purchase something, if they did more, like giving you feedback, sharing your products to their friends, it deserves extra gratitude.

6. Choose What’s Important To You

That’s it for the list of elements you can have on your Thank You page. The easiest thing for you might be to include everything. It’s not a bad idea, considering it wasn’t a long list.

But choosing is a sacred procedure. Cutting away all the noise and going with something that really matters can go a long way.

You can also do trials and see if it works, you can match different elements to different CTAs on your website.

Combine as you see fit, it’s all up to you now.

Thank You Page Examples

After we’ve discussed the elements, I bet you want to see the Thank You pages for yourself.

Here are a couple of examples along with the elements and their purpose that will help you create your own.

Thank You Page 1

Goal: Driving Up Your Traffic

That’s one way of presenting your social media buttons.

This element is great to use if you want to increase the traffic to your page. It may seem obvious since the share would get other people to visit.

But the key goes beyond that.

You want the people who visited because of the share, to share again. So you can multiply from 1 to 5 to 25, and so on.

The trick with this is that you don’t want them to have to do anything too complicated. Maybe just ticking a box, or filling out their name should be enough to push them to share on social media.

Maybe it’s something less, like watching a video, or commenting on an article. The easier the task, the more shares you can get.

Social shares shouldn’t be limited to social media. You can also include a button that will get them to share via email or chatting apps.

Thank You Page 2

Goal: Nurturing Your New Leads

Make your direction visible for customers.

This is a great way for you to direct them. If this is really early on in their buyer’s journey, you shouldn’t ask too much of them. Asking them to spend their money is the ultimate goal. But you can make them stick around so that you can entice them by recommending blogs or other free resources on your website.

It doesn’t have to be on your website, you can also recommend things which can be downloaded.

If you sell things like online courses, you can push them to check out the free courses you have available. That way they are familiar with your quality and will be willing to spend money on other exclusive videos you are selling.

Other than sharing on their own social media, you can invite them to join in on your page. Like encouraging likes on Facebook, or follows on Twitter and Instagram. Even though you are not promoting yourself, you are directly targeting them when you share on your social media.

Remember, small commitments lead to bigger commitments.

Check out the layout and see if its how you would like to present Your Thank you page.

Thank You Page 3

Goal: Getting Customers

It’s just a CTA button, looks like any other CTA button, right? Well, almost.

The price on the button is the trick. Remember the thing about commitment.

Well, making a customer purchase something minor will encourage them to pay for more expensive things.

They will go through a purchasing process, they would fill out the necessary information, and they will get the thing they are paying for.

This will establish trust within them towards your business. They know that you deliver, and it will be easier for them to trust you with something that costs a little more.

All these simple tips will certainly push you ahead.

Thank You Page 4

Goal: Making More Sales

So instead of promoting something free, you want to promote something of value.

What you’re trying to do here is increase the check out value of your customers.

You can easily do this after their purchase, but you can also do this when they’ve only started to fill out their shopping cart. That way, they can pay for everything in one go.

The key is to figure out what else they might want along with the product they already chose. It’s always easier to offer them more of the same, but a smarter route would be to complete their collection.

Or you can also do both. Let use kitchen items as an example.

Let’s say your customers added a mixing bowl to their cart.

Similar Items: You can pop up this category and show them other mixing bowls. Maybe in different colors or different prices.

You Might Be Interested In These: This is another category that’s appealing. Instead of the same items, you can offer whisks or measuring cups, other things people often use with their bowl. You can also offer different products which comes from the same brand.

You can explore other categories to suggest to your customers.

Thank You Page 5

Goal: Retaining Customers

This is pretty simple but it goes a long way. Asking someone to sign up or become a member can help retain your customers.

Of course this is hardly effective if you only offer a limited amount of products. This works best for websites which house a larger collection of products.

So instead of them shopping on different websites specific to the brand, they can just go onto your page and check out a collection of different items. They will keep coming back to you instead of your competitors because they already have an account.

You need to back this up with other things like making it easier for them to process their check out and other efforts that will give them a better user experience.

Build Your Own

Yep, that’s it. You now know all the elements of a Thank You page and how to use it.

In this case, what’s important isn’t what’s on the Thank You page or how you present it, but how it helps you with your business strategy.

In this case, what’s important isn’t what’s on the Thank You page or how you present it, but how it helps you with your business strategy.

It matters more than the buttons you have on your Thank You page.

Your role is now to choose, and plan before you decide to design or create anything. Remember to keep it personal, personal to your brand and to your customers.

Have fun experimenting with your very own Thank You page.