Website Call Tracking Software – Read This Before You Make a Decision

Should You Invest in a Website Call Tracking Solution?
Using a website call tracking system will allow you to learn more about your leads, how to engage them more effectively, and ultimately, convert them into paying customers.

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Why You Should Invest In A Website Call Tracking Solution

Speaking to prospects and customers via phone is one of the most effective ways to nurture leads and close sales. It’s why businesses will encourage leads to call them directly across all platforms. While the interaction itself is important, so is the data that you can collect from the conversation, not to mention the source of the call.

Such data can help you identify what types of marketing efforts are particularly effective at driving phone calls. Data about the conversations can also act as a job aid for your sales team, allowing them to learn what engagement tactics work over the phone.

Because of how valuable this kind of data can be, it’s worth investing in a website call tracking solution. A good website call tracking software can collect and organize all of your phone call-related data, which can then be leveraged to improve your marketing strategy and enable sales teams to improve their conversion rate.

What Is Website Call Tracking Software?

Website call tracking software is typically a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that works through the use of DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion). Essentially, this means that a piece of JavaScript code is placed on your website.

The code will replace the phone number you’ve put on each page of your site with a unique phone number tied to each website visitor. When that visitor calls, you’ll be able to track that unique phone number so that you can identify how they found your site (the traffic source) and their session.

Whenever someone calls you using the unique number presented to them, the call will be automatically forwarded to the landline or cellphone number associated with your marketing or sales team. This automatic forwarding is done through a VOIP-based call forwarding system.

Finally, many call tracking solutions provide users the ability to record conversations automatically. These conversations can then be reviewed to understand customer needs and behaviors better and improve interactions in the future.

Track Calls From Various Sources

The ability to track where your calls are coming from is critical to obtaining a clear understanding of what marketing channels and avenues effectively drive phone calls.

After all, you’re likely posting CTAs including your phone number across multiple channels, including social media, paid advertising, landing pages, online directories, and more. You can even track offline sources, such as tv commercials and print ads.

To track an offline source, you can set up unique toll-free numbers linked to specific marketing/ad channels, which are then applied to individual users when they call.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Website Call Tracking Tool?

Using the data that a call tracking system can collect and organize, you’ll be able to identify how your marketing efforts are performing. For instance, you might discover that a specific Google Ad is driving significantly more calls, whereas a particular Facebook ad isn’t.

You can then compare the two and use other analytics to determine why this might be — and whether your Facebook ad needs to be improved.

Optimizing your marketing and sales efforts to drive more calls and convert more of those calls is becoming increasingly important. For instance, in finance and health industries, inbound calls are five to ten times more valuable than other lead generation efforts, such as form leads.

Additionally, those inbound calls are five to ten times more likely to convert than web leads. But more specifically, a website call tracking tool.

With this in mind, the following are some of the ways that a website call tracking solution can benefit your business:

1. Learn How To Improve The Customer Experience

The ability to record and gather data from call transcripts allows you to understand prospect behavior and buyer personas better.

After all, you’re likely posting CTAAs a result, you’ll have more information at your fingertips that you can use to further tailor your marketing and sales efforts to improve the overall customer experience, both in general and over the phone.

Engage With Prospects And Customers With Greater Success

Analyzing customers and prospects via phone call transcripts isn’t the only way to improve customer experience using website call tracking. You can also learn how your marketing and sales teams engage with prospects and customers and whether they’re doing so effectively.

For example, call scoring, a feature most call tracking solutions have, allows both reps and the phone calls themselves to be scored on a set standard of parameters. As a result, you’ll improve how reps engage, thereby improving the customer experience dramatically.

2. Monitor Your Marketing Efforts More Effectively

There are numerous call tracking metrics and KPIs associated with call tracking systems that can be captured, analyzed, and integrated with web analytics. There are five crucial website call metrics /KPIs that are particularly useful when analyzing inbound calls and assigning scores.

These metrics include Number of Calls, Call Length, Time of Day/Location, Landing Page Performance, and Conversion Rates. Analyzing these performance indicators using call tracking software gives you a better glimpse into how well your marketing campaigns are doing and can help you to determine the following:

Learn What Channels Are Driving Your Lead Generation

Analyzing the most crucial KPIs and website call reports, scoring marketing channels and marketing strategies, and understanding how your different ad channels are bringing in traffic allows your business to create budgets for each advertising channel and delegate various resources to the channels that generate the most phone calls and conversions.

This enables the optimization of marketing channels for more successful marketing campaigns and helps marketing directors determine how to allocate resources to drive more lead generation and nurturing via the most efficient marketing and advertising channels.

Track ROI For Various Marketing Strategies

You can use website call tracking to analyze the performance of different advertising and marketing channels. Using metrics such as Revenue Provided, Traffic Provided, and associated Conversion Rates, you should be able to determine the ROI of various marketing strategies.

3. Identify More Qualified Leads

More doesn’t always mean better. Just because you’re getting many leads from one channel doesn’t mean you should assume that channel is successful. It’s the channels that are driving the highest quality leads that matter. If your leads are unqualified, then it doesn’t matter how many of them you’re getting.

Using call tracking software, you can calculate the conversion rates per traffic source to identify your most effective advertising channels.

4. Identify Effective Keywords

As you may already know, keyword optimization is critical to inbound marketing. One of the many reasons why call tracking software is so valuable is that you can leverage it to identify effective keywords.

For instance, you can determine what marketing tactic drives the most qualified leads using the tool’s data collection and analytic capabilities. The odds are that behind that tactic is a keyword, which you now know to be an effective one.

Take, for example, PPC ads, such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. If a specific PPC ad generates a lot of calls resulting in a high number of conversions, you can assume that the keyword used in that ad successfully attracted the right types of leads.

On the other hand, you can also identify keywords that may not have been so successful from sources that drove a low number of leads — or unqualified leads. You now know not to waste more time and money on those particular keywords.

5. Determine Peak Hours For Scheduling Your Reps

Your customer experience isn’t going to be great if someone tries to call you and no one picks up. Fortunately, by analyzing your call logs, you can pinpoint the times during which most inbound calls occur. As a result, you can schedule reps to be ready at the right times so that they can speak with leads and prospects as soon as calls come in.

How To Choose The Right Call Tracking Service

If you’ve decided that a call tracking software is worth the investment, then you’re going to be faced with another challenge: finding the right one. There are many different solutions on the market to choose from.

One thing you should take note of — when doing your research, the most critical aspects of choosing a call tracking system are functionality and integration. With that in mind, the following are a few essential factors to consider when choosing the right website call tracking solution:

Phone Number Coverage

Certain services only provide coverage to specific regions. If your business isn’t international, then a service that only provides coverage to U.S. or Canada-based phone numbers won’t limit you.

However, if you target customers throughout the world, you need to pay careful attention to the regions covered by the service you’re considering.

Dynamic Phone Number Generation

Certain services limit the number of DNI-based numbers that can be generated per user or traffic source. Make sure that your needs can be addressed in this regard.

Call Recording And Transcriptions

One of the significant benefits of call tracking is the ability to record and transcribe your calls. However, not all services provide this function. Without it, you won’t be able to effectively perform call scoring, call reporting, or call analytics.

Third-Party Software Integrations

Make sure that your call tracking system can integrate with Google Ad and Analytics services, CRM suites, ERP software, and data analytics platforms. Such integration ensures that data collected from inbound calls can be effectively analyzed, organized, and classified.

Without third-party integration capabilities, you won’t be able to use your call tracking data to improve your marketing efforts nearly as well.

Customization Capabilities

The needs of every business differ. The ability to customize your call tracking system is vital to ensuring it fits your company’s specific marketing and advertising needs. As such, look for call tracking software solutions that offer customization capabilities.

Call Analytics

Look for a call tracking software that has call analytics capabilities. You will want to be able to monitor and analyze the data you collect, after all. Detailed reporting will allow you to leverage your data to make better decisions regarding your marketing efforts and customer engagement attempts.

Technical Reliability

A website call tracking system should be technically reliable, patched, secure, and able to function without the need for constant maintenance and support.

Consider Implementing A Website Call Tracking Software Today

Despite the many features and benefits that any given website call tracking solution may provide, there are two main reasons to implement one.

First of all, they can significantly improve your customer experience by allowing you to learn more about your prospects and learn how to engage with them more effectively.

Secondly, they can help you collect and analyze valuable data to leverage to improve your marketing and sales efforts. With that in mind, a website call tracking software can be of great benefit to your business.