38 Essential HubSpot Integrations to Set Yourself up for Success

HubSpot Integrations You Should Utilize
One of the biggest advantages offered by HubSpot is its ability to integrate with other marketing and sales solutions. This makes HubSpot one of the most convenient marketing and sales tools currently available and why it continues to be one of the most popular as well. We’ve compiled a list of some of the integrations HubSpot is capable of that will benefit you the most.

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38 HubSpot Integrations for Your Business’ Success

There are many marketing tools available online for businesses of all sizes. Most businesses use a handful of different tools for different purposes. However, there are few tools that are as comprehensive as HubSpot. HubSpot is a marketing and sales software built to provide companies of all sizes with tools that can be used for content management, CRM, social media marketing, SEO, web analytics, and more. 

Besides its impressive feature list and easy-to-use interface, one of the biggest advantages offered by HubSpot is its ability to integrate with other marketing and sales solutions. This makes HubSpot one of the most convenient marketing and sales tools currently available, and why it continues to be one of the most popular as well. We’ve compiled a list of some of the integrations HubSpot is capable of that will benefit you the most.

Increasing Your Sales

There are many sales tools that can be integrated into the HubSpot platform. Some of the most highly regarded sales tools that can be synced with HubSpot to consider implementing to help increase your sales follow:


Drift is a tool that focuses on conversational marketing through the use of intelligent chatbots, allowing you to shorten the sales cycle by engaging leads in real time. Drift can be implemented directly onto your website, which means it will seamlessly integrate with HubSpot.

  • Free version – The free version of Drift lets you chat with prospects, set up profiles, and includes a mobile app.
  • Standard – ($50/month) includes custom greetings, live view of site visitors, email sequences, and more
  • Pro – ($500/month) includes bot playbooks, automated meetings, and the ability to push activity to CRM.


PandaDoc is a more feature-laden alternative to PDFs. It’s a document automation tool with features such as workflow management, electronic signatures, CPQ functionality, and a document editor. They can be integrated with HubSpot by using HubSpot’s rich data profiles to customize and personalize the documents created in PandaDoc.

  • Business – ($49/month) Includes eSignatures, unlimited documents, approval workflows, and a content library.
  • Enterprise – (must request pricing) Includes all of the business versions features along with unlimited workspaces, premium integrations, content locking, custom roles, and advanced reporting. 


Proposify lets you create contracts, quotes, and other sales documents, and streamline them in the cloud. In short, it’s a proposal software. Online signatures allow for a faster sign-off as well. When integrated with HubSpot, you’ll be able to update the deal stages and amounts detailed in your proposals on the fly. You’ll even be able to see when people open your emails.

  • Tall plan – ($25/month) includes five active proposals, unlimited templates, e-signatures, notifications and analytics, and PDF exports.
  • Grande plan – ($75/month) includes everything in the Tall plan as well as four users, 50 active proposals, third-party integrations, branded URL, and Stripe online payments.
  • Venti plan – ($250/month) includes everything from the Tall plan as well as 10 users, 300+ active proposals, three workspaces, roles and permissions, training and account manager, template recreation, and phone support. 

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is considered one of, if not the best, CRM software solutions out there. They boast lead and contact management capabilities, sales opportunity management, and customizable reports and dashboards. Salesforce is easy to sync with HubSpot, which will allow HubSpot to accept leads from Salesforce and automatically update its database.

  • Salesforce Essentials – ($25/month) includes out-of-the-box CRM software for up to ten users, cross-selling and upselling capabilities, cross-company collaboration, ability to sell from any device.
  • Lightning Professional – ($75/month) includes everything in Essentials along with the ability to configure, price, quote and bill, and the ability to connect sales information to any app.
  • Lightning Enterprise – ($150/ month) includes all features of the Professional version as well as the ability to find and manage leads better, manage customer and sales details, more accurately forecast sales, get insights in real time, customize and automate processes, and more.
  • Lightning Unlimited – ($300/month) includes everything in Lightning Enterprise package but with unlimited CRM power and support. 

Unlocking the power of the Hubspot-Saleforce Integration, you have a whole new frontier of possibilities!

Bedrock Data

If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics as your CRM platform, Bedrock Data can integrate your HubSpot platform with your Dynamics CRM. All versions of Bedrock Data allow for a continuous pipeline from your applications, as well as access to an on-demand cloud warehouse and feed for your tools. The Growth and Scale versions also provide fusing of multiple datasets into a fused warehouse.

Fusion Starter – ($399/month) One connected application for up to 100,000 records (and an extra $99/month for each additional 25,000 records).

Fusion Growth – ($699/month) Up to four connected applications for up to 200,000 records (and an additional $99/month for each additional 25,000 records).

Fusion Scale – ($999/month) Up to ten connected applications for up to 300,000 records (and an extra $99/month for each additional 25,000 records).


Enthusem is unique in that it combines the creation of personalized direct mail with your inbound marketing efforts. Enthusem lets you send direct mail to prospects (that includes branding and social media elements), which will then direct them to specific landing pages that are customized for those prospects. Interactions that occur on these landing pages can then be captured into your HubSpot CRM. All versions of Enthusem allow you to personalize at scale and are available as three-month all-inclusive programs.

  • Basic – ($2,991) The Basic version includes 1,000 mailers.
  • Pro – ($6,092) The Pro version comes with 3,500 mailers.
  • Pro Plus – ($13,337) Pro Plus is for high volume mailers and includes 11,000 mailers.

Helping you with your Analytics

While HubSpot has its own analytic capabilities, many analytics tools out there can provide additional benefits. Here are a few useful analytics tools you can use with the HubSpot platform:


Databox is a dashboard that lets you view metrics from any source and that can be viewed from any device, including tablets, smartphones, and even TVs. Databox allows you to converge data and analytics from multiple platforms, including HubSpot, Google Analytics, SEMRush, and more. Essentially, Databox allows you to get a more complete view of your performance at a single glance. 

  • Free – The free version comes with a laundry list of features, including 60+ one-click integrations 150+ pre-built databoard templates, 600+ pre-built datablock library, goal tracking, alerts, slack integration, and much more. The free version allows three data connections and three databoards for up to three users.
  • Basic – ($49/month) – Includes everything in free version along with push data via API as well as ten data connections and ten databoards for up to ten users.
  • Plus – ($99/month) – Includes everything in the basic version along with a Query builder, data calculations, and SQL and database integrations along with ten data connections and ten databoards for up to ten users.
  • Business – ($248/month) Includes all of Plus’s features in addition to company branding and additional security along with 50 databoards and 50 data connections for up to 20 users. 


TrenDemon lets you track how people convert on your website and then automates how your content is presented to visitors based on those metrics, helping to increase conversions. The tool allows you to see what impact your content efforts have on your business goals, letting you see what value each piece of content has. There are three plans available (you can request a demo):

  • Entry – $800/month
  • Expert – $1,300/month
  • Enterprise – Contact TrenDemon for details


Hotjar is a tool used to record user interactions on your website through the use of heat maps, lead funnels, recordings, and surveys. For example, a heat map will show you exactly where on your page visitors are interacting the most. Hotjar is available in multiple plans, including Personal, Business, and Agency plans. All plans include data storage for 365 days.

  • Basic Personal – (Free) Collect data from 2,000 page views/day. Limited reports, unlimited users.
  • Plus Personal – ($29/month) Collect data from 10,000 page views/day. Unlimited reports and users.
  • Business – ($89/month to $589/month) Collect data from 20,000 page views/day to 400,000 page views/day based on one of four pricing tiers. Each business plan includes unlimited users, unlimited reports, removal of Hotjar branding, and access to advanced features.


Online forms aren’t the only way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign–incoming calls are an important metric to consider as well. CallRail is a call-tracking software that lets you track and record incoming calls, understand their intent, and view source details. It will even match the phone number to your contact database in HubSpot if the contact exists, and if it doesn’t, the tool can create a new contact in HubSpot. 

  • Lite – ($30/month) Includes call recording and playback, call forwarding, and automatic email notifications.
  • Essentials – ($45/month) Includes the ability to build custom call flows, integrate with Google Analytics, dynamic number insertion website plugin, and more.
  • Advanced – ($120/month) Includes custom reporting engine, HubSpot integration, Unbounce integration, Slack integration, mobile click-to-call integration, API and webhook access, and much more. 


HelloSign is a tool that can be used to automate your eSignature document signing process. By integrating HelloSign with HubSpot, you’ll be able to see when leads receive, open, and sign your documents.

  • Free – Three documents a month for one sender along with status notifications, audit trail, and Google Drive integration.
  • Pro – ($13/month) Unlimited documents for one sender. Includes all free features along with data validation and one template.
  • Business – ($40/month) Unlimited documents for up to five senders. Includes all Pro features along with branding, in-person signing, signer access code, team transaction overview, and five templates.
  • Enterprise – (contact HelloSign for pricing) All Business plan features along with Salesforce integration, HIPAA and SOC 2, SSO, advanced admin features, user reporting, and more. 

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is another heatmap app, but what makes it different than others is that its dynamic heat maps can be easily filtered and segmented. DVR-style recordings give you a much better idea of how visitors react to different parts of your site. The data collected using Lucky Orange can be captured onto your contact’s timeline in your HubSpot CRM. All versions include unlimited recordings and heat map data. 

  • Starter – ($10/month) Heat maps for 25,000 monthly page views across one site for up to two operators.
  • Small Business – ($20/month) Heat maps for 60,000 monthly page views across three sites for up to four operators.
  • Medium – ($50/month) Heat maps for 200,000 monthly page views across eight sites for up to ten operators.
  • Large – ($100/month) – Heat maps for 500,000 monthly page views across 16 sites for up to 20 operators.
  • Enterprise – (call for pricing) – Heat maps for up to billions of monthly page views. Enterprise plans are customized. 


Invoca lets you automate your customer call tracking process (so that you can easily identify outcomes, such as purchases made, applications submitted, or appointments scheduled) as well as segment the data that you collect for analysis and targeting. Pricing information is only available upon contact with Invoca


Datanyze works to automatically enrich your HubSpot portal’s contact records by sourcing technographic and firmographic information. This tool makes it much easier to prospect and will help you fill out important informational gaps found in your contact database. Features include alerts, Chrome extension, customer migration, tags, targeting, website history, email finder, and more. There are three versions available:

  • Standard – $600/month
  • Pro – $1,200/month
  • Enterprise – Contact vendor for pricing


Smartling is a translation tool that essentially translates your content into different languages based on where the visitor is located. Smartling has the ability to translate 150+ languages across 50+ specialized industries. What makes Smartling particularly effective is its real-time analytics capabilities, which lets you measure and improve translation performance. You will need to contact Smartling for a quote-based plan.

Improving Marketing Strategies

There are practically countless ways to create inbound marketing campaigns and to implement marketing strategies. While HubSpot’s marketing capabilities are certainly robust, you may want to integrate one or more of the following marketing tools to further improve your marketing strategy:

Seventh Sense

Identifying the best time to email your leads is important. If you email them at the wrong time, your email could get buried in their inbox, never to be opened. Seventh Sense analyzes the engagement data from your HubSpot account to determine the best time to send emails to each recipient. 

  • Basic Marketing – ($99.99/month) Includes send time optimization for up to 20,000 contacts along with individual contact insight and dedicated training for up to two users.
  • Pro Marketing – ($299.99/month) Includes Basic Marketing features for up to 70,000 contacts for up to five users. Also includes A/B testing, audience engagement reports, email frequency analysis, and Google Apps integration.
  • Enterprise Marketing – ($599.99/month) – Includes everything in Pro Marketing plan for up to 200,000 contacts for unlimited users.
  • Sales – ($9.99/month) Includes AI and predictive analytics for sales and supports Google G Suite. Also integrates with HubSpot CRM, individual contact insight for send time optimization, and works alongside a number of email scheduling tools. 

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey lets you create quick surveys to collect real-time insights from your database. You can use surveys to identify interest from prospects, gain market information, collect NPS scores, and much more. Integration with HubSpot allows you to create new contacts that respond to your survey and to segment contacts based on how they answer survey questions. 

  • Standard – ($37/month billed monthly) Includes unlimited surveys, unlimited survey questions, 1,000 responses a month, quizzes with custom feedback, unlimited filters and crosstabs, custom logos and colors, data exports, text analysis, and more.
  • Advantage – ($32/month billed annually) Includes everything in Standard plan along with unlimited survey responses, A/B testing, custom variables, file upload, industry benchmarks, accept payments, and more.
  • Premier – ($99/month billed annually) Includes everything in Advantage plan along with white label surveys, multilingual surveys, block randomization, and advanced branching and piping.


Rybbon is a tool that allows you to offer gifts (such as gift card codes) and donations to your prospects. Rybbon makes sure that these gifts or donations are automatically processed, tracked, and released to the right leads or customers. Integration with HubSpot allows you to send eGift cards in your HubSpot emails.

  • Basic – (Free) Send up to 100 gifts in the U.S. and receive 100 percent refund for unclaimed gifts. Features include the ability to track gift redemption and the ability to customize branding, message, and “from” name.
  • On Demand – (10 percent of gift value) Includes all Basic features along with the ability to send gifts internationally and to use Visa and Mastercard. Extra features include HubSpot integration and Recipient’s Choice Campaigns.
  • Annual – ($1,990/year and up) Includes everything in On Demand plan along with custom data fields, and compliance reporting.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to target specific leads via Facebook with your ads. You can target your leads based on everything from demographics to location to even their interests. Integrating Facebook Ads with HubSpot is particularly beneficial because you’ll be able to see the spend or the CTR rates for your Facebook Ads without having to log onto Facebook. You’ll also be able to attribute leads through the HubSpot Ads Add On to the exact Facebook campaign ad set and creative. 

The price of Facebook Ads varies greatly based on many factors. This is because it’s a PPC (pay per click) platform, which means you’re only paying for the clicks your ads get. How much those clicks cost you depends on what you bid on them.


In-person events still play an important part in your marketing campaign, even if you’re more focused on inbound aspects of marketing. Eventbrite lets you optimize your event’s promotion, registration, and analysis. When integrated with HubSpot, you’ll be able to use HubSpot’s automation features for your events in addition to being able to track what events create the most customers. Customer information captured for the events will also synch with their contact records. 

  • Essentials – (2 percent+$0.79/paid ticket) Includes ticketing and registration essentials, organizer mobile app, online help center, listing on Eventbrite, and one ticket type.
  • Professional – (3.5 percent+$1.59/paid ticket) Includes everything in Essentials along with unlimited ticket types, ticket sales on your site, detailed sales analytics, reserved seating, customizable checkout forms, and more.
  • Premium –  (custom pricing) Includes everything in Professional along with team access and permissions, on-site staffing and support, product training, rental equipment, branded community pages, customer success manager, and more.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin for creating advanced forms that lets you connect your current standard or conditional forms to specific lists in HubSpot. You can then place your new contacts into workflows so that you can begin nurturing them immediately.

  • Basic License – ($59/year) Includes unlimited forms, unlimited entries, conditional logic, file uploads, standard support, automatic updates, basic add-ons, and multipage forms for one site.
  • Pro License – ($159/year) Includes everything in Basic License for up to three sites, along with pro add-ons.
  • Elite License – ($259/year) includes everything in Pro License for unlimited sites, along with priority support and elite add-ons. 


Bitly is a tool that lets you customize shortened URLs as well as track the performance on certain links. This makes it easier to brand and optimize your links. There are two versions available, a free version and an enterprise version (for which you’ll need to contact Bitly to receive a quote). 


Unbounce is a landing page building tool with an extensive template gallery. Unbounce has a duplication feature that lets you create multiple pages at once to save time. Additionally, all of their landing pages are automatically SSL encrypted. 

  • Essential – ($79/month) Includes 75 landing pages along with eight popups and sticky bars.
  • Premium – ($159/month) Includes 150 landing pages along with 16 popups and sticky bars.
  • Enterprise – ($399+/month) – Includes 375+ landing pages along with 40+ popups and sticky bars.


SnapEngage makes it easier to engage with leads via chat no matter where they are. The tool lets you automatically sync leads and contacts with your CRM, customize your workflow with mapping as well as unlimited fields, and engage leads based on advanced rules and triggers. SnapEngage even allows you to use bots to immediately respond to lead inquiries even if live agents aren’t available.

  • Essentials – (from $16/month) Comes with integration API, Zendesk, Help Scout, Salesforce Desk, JIRA, and HubSpot integration. Minimum of three users.
  • Professional – (from $26/month) Includes everything in Essentials along with Salesforce and MS Dynamics integrations as well as integration custom data mapping. Minimum of three users.
  • Enterprise – (from $40/month) Includes everything in Professional along with SAP C4C. Minimum of five users. 

Video Marketing and Webinar Integrations

The importance of video and webinars has grown exponentially over the years. Some of the video marketing and webinar tools that can be integrated with HubSpot include:


Wistia is a video software tool that allows you to incorporate HubSpot calls-to-action directly into your video players. When a viewer submits a form, their viewing data will automatically sync with their contact record in the HubSpot CRM. This data will make it easier to improve your funnel strategy and will provide you with more actionable opportunities. Of course, Wistia also makes it easy to create videos within minutes and lets you perform A/B testing on your video content. 

  • Free – Includes fully customizable player, unlimited users, basic integrations, easy embedding and sharing, advanced analytics, and lead generation tools. There is a three video limit.
  • Pro – ($99/month) Includes all Free features and removes Wistia branding from their video player. Comes with ten free videos with the option to add unlimited videos for $0.25 each.
  • Advanced – (Contact for a price) Includes all Pro features along with premium integration with HubSpot, Pardot, or Marketo. Comes with 100 free videos, A/B testing, and priority support. 


ReadyTalk is a webinar platform that perfectly integrates with HubSpot, making it easy for you to create registration pages, create confirmation emails, send follow-up emails, and create webinar reports. Even polling responses sync, meaning that you can collect valuable contact data from your webinars to be used for lead nurturing in HubSpot.


TwentyThree is a video marketing tool that lets you host and embed video content anywhere using their 4K HD player. It also provides in-depth video viewing data and analytics, as well as video promotion tactics. Integration with HubSpot lets you segment your data by contact-specific video viewing properties, such as the percentage of video watched, what videos were watched, and more. 

  • Webinars – ($199/month) Includes all webinar features, three integrations, one workspace, up to 500 webinar participants, and up to 10,000 contacts.
  • Video Marketing Platform – ($499/month) Includes all video features, up to 1,000 videos, up to 10,000 contacts, three social media connections, three integrations, and one workspace.
  • Complete Video Marketing Platform with Webinars – ($699/month) Includes all features of Webinars and Video Marketing Platform plans along with 1,000 videos, 1,000 webinar participants, 25,000 contacts, five social media connections, five integrations, and one workspace.
  • Enterprise – ($2,500/month) Includes unlimited workspaces, videos, webinar participants, social media connections, integrations, and contacts. Also includes single sign-on and secure sites. 


StealthSeminar is a useful webinar tool that allows you to repeat the scheduling of pre-recorded webinars. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your webinar content (which is especially useful if it’s evergreen webinar content). By scheduling pre-recorded webinars at specific intervals, you can even join the webinar yourself and engage with viewers by answering questions in real time. Integration lets you plan follow-ups based on the data you’ve collected (calls-to-action views, webinar completions, login numbers, etc.). 

Membership plans are based on capacity. They range from 150-person capacity (at $69.95/month) to 4,000-person capacity ($1,250/month). The 150-person capacity starter plan allows you to upload up to 100 unique webinars, whereas the five other plans have unlimited webinar 

GoTo Webinar

Webinars have proven to be an effective inbound marketing method, as they are a form of video content that can be used to directly engage with leads in real time. GoTo Webinar collects valuable data from your webinars that can be shared with your HubSpot platform. Prospects can register for webinars using HubSpot landing pages. 

  • Starter – ($89/month) Up to 100 participants. Includes reporting and analytics, automated emails, polls, handouts, Q&As, custom branding, full-service registration, integrations, online and local recording, and more.
  • Pro – ($199/month) Up to 500 participants. Includes everything in Starter along with source tracking, video sharing, no download, video editor, certificates, recorded events, and custom URL.
  • Plus – ($429/month) Up to 3,000 participants. Includes everything in the Pro version.


Zoom is another useful video chat, meeting, and webinar platform with numerous features to offer. Leads that register to your Zoom webinars will be entered into HubSpot so that you can easily communicate with them.

  • Basic – (Free) Includes video conferencing features, web conferencing features, group collaboration features, online support, unlimited number of meetings, 40-minute limits on group meetings, unlimited one-on-one meetings, and the ability to host up to 100 participants.
  • Pro – ($14.99/month per host) Includes all Basic features along with reporting, admin feature controls, user management, assign scheduler, custom personal meeting ID, meeting duration limit of 24 hours, and more.
  • Business – ($19.99/month per host) Includes all Pro features along with admin dashboard, vanity URL, company branding, custom emails, managed domains, cloud recording transcripts, dedicated phone support, and more. Minimum of ten hosts.
  • Enterprise – ($19.99/month per host) Includes all Business features and up to 1,000 participants, unlimited cloud storage, executive business reviews, and more. Minimum of 50 hosts. 

Advanced Content Creation

Creating quality content is vital to any inbound strategy. The following content creation tools can be integrated into HubSpot:


Belch is a tool used to build custom pages, such as landing pages and website pages, without needing coding knowledge. What makes it particularly beneficial is that the tool was designed specifically for integration with HubSpot. According to Belch, using its page building tool will reduce HubSpot development time by as much as 90 percent. Their visual HubSpot builder is particularly easy to use due to its drag-and-drop page building feature. 

  • User – ($20/month) Designed for a single user, includes single HubSpot portal connection and unlimited publishing.
  • Company – ($100/month) Designed for up to three users, allows file sharing with your team and unlimited publishing. Includes single HubSpot portal connection.
  • Agency – ($250/month) Designed for up to five users and includes unlimited publishing and HubSpot portal connections as well as file sharing with your team. 


Beacon is a very useful tool in that it allows you to repurpose old content. For example, using Beacon, you can take an old blog post and turn it into another formatted document. The end result is that you get the most out of the content you create without having to hire designers.

  • Beginner – (Free) The free version comes with all essential features along with unlimited lead magnets, smart PDFs, and analytics.
  • Professional – ($49/month) Includes everything in Beginner along with full template library, the ability to create your own templates, and a custom domain name.
  • Agency – ($99/month) Includes everything in Professional along with unlimited custom domains and HubSpot accounts. 


Not only does Ceros let you create dynamic and interactive content without the need for developer support, but it also allows your content to be integrated directly with HubSpot forms, making lead flow integration seamless. Ceros uses a drag-and-drop interface and supports almost all assets, including fonts, images, videos, and widgets. Pricing is only available upon request. 

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a content intelligence platform designed to improve your content using AI-driven language automation as well as data insights. Its analytics tool will analyze your blog posts, marketing emails, search ads, and product descriptions to reveal valuable information that can be used to improve your buyer personas as well as your content writing strategy. There are four plans available: Blogs, Emails, Ads, and Enterprise (which contains all of the features of the first three plans). Pricing is only available on request.


SnapApp focuses on making content more interactive  and engaging for leads. The platform is easy to use as well due to its drag-and-drop interface and its built-in templates. You can create all types of content using SnapApp, including interactive videos, infographics, assessments, and more. There are four plans available; however, interactive video content comes at an additional premium cost (five videos for $550/month, 15 videos for $950/month, unlimited videos for $1,250/month). 

  • Starter – ($1,650/month) Designed for two users and includes ten pieces of content.
  • Basic – ($2,400/month) Designed for up to five users and includes 24 pieces of content.
  • Professional – ($3,600/month) Designed for up to ten users and includes unlimited content.
  • Enterprise – (custom pricing available) Includes unlimited content.

Workflow Automation Made Easy

HubSpot is known for its automation features, but there are other automation tools out there that you may want to integrate as well, including the following:


Zapier is a tool that allows you to integrate an extensive number of applications into your HubSpot ecosystem and to automate your workflows, allowing you to move between applications automatically. Pricing is based on how much you automate.

  • Starter – ($20/month) Automate up to 1,000 tasks a month using 20 zaps (zaps are workflows that automatically finish actions and tasks that connect your apps) at once. Make zaps with three or more steps and connect to any of Zapier’s 1,300 apps.
  • Professional – ($50/month) Automate up to 3,000 tasks a month using 50 zaps at once and make zaps with conditional logic.
  • Teams – ($250/month) Includes all Professional features along with unlimited zaps, the ability to share zaps with team members, and unlimited team members. 

Verblio (BlogMutt)

Verblio (formally known as BlogMutt) is a content creation platform. It automatically sends accepted posts to your HubSpot blog, eliminating manual copying and pasting. The pricing is based on a variety of factors, including the type of content you order and the length of that content. For example, a 300-word microblog post or newsletter costs $29.95 apiece, while a 1,500 word eBook chapter or white paper costs $209.95 a piece. 

HubSpot recommends six app integrations for startups based on how popular they are within the HubSpot ecosystem. These apps include Eventbrite, Databox, HotJar, Zapier, and SurveyMonkey. One application worth checking out that we haven’t gone over, yet that makes the HubSpot recommended list is Uberconference.


Uberconference is a popular conferencing tool that allows you to save time preparing for meetings by letting you join instantly without requiring PINs or downloads. Participants can even collaborate live on documents within the meeting.

  • Free – Free versions allow up to ten participants and require PINs. Includes 45-minute conferences, unlimited conferences, screen and document sharing, call recording, mobile apps, and HD quality audio.
  • Business – ($15/month) Allows up to 100 participants and international access. No PINS required. Includes all of the Free features along with unlimited conference durations, custom call-in-numbers, analytics, custom hold music, team management portal, and more.


One of the things that makes the HubSpot ecosystem so attractive to businesses of all sizes is the sheer number of integrations that are available with third-party apps. These are some of the most useful sales, marketing, analytics, and automation apps that you’ll find out there, and they can all be seamlessly integrated with HubSpot.

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