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Paradox Pricing

Experience the power of a complete digital marketing team, ready to boost your brand’s online presence, generate leads, and achieve your sales & marketing goals.

Our Value Proposition

Access a Full Range of Digital Marketing Skills

From SEO & Content Creation to Google Ads Management & Lead Generation Strategies + Even More - we've got you covered.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Enjoy the expertise of a dedicated team at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees.

Flexible Subscription Models

Choose a plan that suits your budget and get the results you need.

Monthly Cost
Monthly Expected Number of Hours
Equivalent Hourly Rate
Senior Strategist Calls per Month
Junior Strategist Calls per Month
Dynamic Resource Allocation
Entry Level Retainer
Monthly Cost $3,000 USD
Monthly number of hours 50
Equivalent Hourly Rate $60 USD
Senior Strategist Calls per month 1
Junior Strategist Calls per month 4
Dynamic resource allocation Yes
Standard Level Retainer
Monthly Cost $6,000 USD
Monthly number of hours 100
Equivalent Hourly Rate $60 USD
Senior Strategist Calls per month 4
Junior Strategist Calls per month 4
Dynamic resource allocation Yes
Executive Retainer
Monthly Cost $9,000 USD
Monthly number of hours 150
Equivalent Hourly Rate $60 USD
Senior Strategist Calls per month 4
Junior Strategist Calls per month 4
Dynamic resource allocation Yes


CRM Strategy
CRM Customization
Dashboards & Reporting
Data Hygiene
Implementation & User Adoption
Customer Marketing
Cross-Sell Upsell
Costumer Satisfaction
Referral Marketing
Reviews & Testimonials
Digital Brand Developement
Website Redesign
Full Stack Website Development
Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Software
Technology Selection & Implementation
Internal Adoption
Knowledge Management
Competitive Research
Data Analytics
Data Driven Decision Making
Process Implementation
Content Marketing
Blog Article Writing
Buyer Persona Development
Case Studies
Website Content Upgrades
Website Resources
Demand Generation
Chat Bot Develepment
Conversion Rate Optimization
Lead Generation
Lead Management Process Design
Paid Digital Advertising
Organic Traffic Generation
Sales & Marketing Integration
Buyer’s Journey
Custom Job Aids
Email Marketing
Funnel Management
Marketing Automation
Sales Enablement
Competitive Analysis
Contextual Analysis
Keyword Research
Link Building
Local SEO
Technical SEO Optimization
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A Retainer Model Designed to
Drive Results at an Affordable Cost.

We have sourced specialized talent from around the world in an effort to provide our clients with centralized access to a large amount of wide-ranging talent, at affordable pricing.

Estimated Annual Salaries Of The Talent We Provide

The annual costs associated with hiring a web developer, a graphic designer, a content writer, a content editor, an SEO specialist, a paid search manager, a solutions engineer and a VP of Sales and Marketing, would exceed $500,000* annually. Alternatively, in the model we present to clients, this talent can be sourced for approximately 10%** of the total annual salary cost.

Paradox Pricing
  • Paid Search Manager$67,194
  • Brand Specialist$62,775
  • Web Developer$82,490
  • Graphic Designer$56,563
  • Content Writer$56,884
  • Content Editor$65,193
  • SEO Manager$74,363
  • Solutions Engineer – $110,117
  • VP of Sales and Marketing$144,287

Total Annual Salary Cost: $761,017*

*These estimated annual salaries do not include additional cost factors such as time required to recruit, hire and train. Nor do they include performance based compensation package values, insurance costs, associated expenditures (travel, meals cell phones, etc.) or state and federal employment taxes. **Average 13-month retainer cost is $75,000-$80,000 ($77,500/$761,017 = 11.23%)


Our Technology

You are never too small or too large to be able to enjoy using the best technology available. We can provide the resources you need to either get started, or push your existing site onto its next growth curve. Here are some of our favourites.

Frequently Asked Question

How Are You Different From Other Marketing Agencies?
First, we don’t consider ourselves a marketing agency. Paradox Marketing is a consulting firm focused on Sales, Marketing & Branding strategies, leveraging the inbound methodology. We do more than consult; we get stuff done. Most marketing agencies focus primarily on the top of the funnel, only tracking metrics for views, impressions, likes, and shares. On the other hand, Paradox Marketing solidifies your digital foundation by providing your business with the sales and marketing capabilities to generate more qualified leads and, ultimately, more customers. The results not only cover the cost of doing business with us but also help your business reach your goals. Additionally, our team supports your needs throughout the life of our relationship.
We know hiring a consulting firm is a big commitment, and that is why we believe we should have ‘skin in the game.’ We offer new clients the option to cancel their first retainer agreement at any time with written notification and one month’s notice. At any point, you can email us, and we will terminate the relationship. We will make sure all business assets are on your side of the fence after the final payment on the previously agreed upon due date. This offer only applies to new clients’ first contract.
No, while we love the platform and all that the company stands for, we have expertise across a wide range of marketing platforms and programs.
$1,500 – $9,000 per month
We service all industries. We have experience working with a wide array of industries, from software development to healthcare to real estate and HR. While we find that we work best with service-based B2B focused businesses, we have been able to solve for the needs of both B2B and B2C companies.
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