Website Call Tracking Made Easy With PhoneWagon: Better Than CallRail

What Is Website Call Tracking?
Website Call Tracking software is a powerful solution for ensuring that your qualified leads are nurtured through their journey and salespeople are freed up to spend their time on revenue-generating activities. There are several call tracking solutions to choose from, but PhoneWagon and CallRail are two of the most popular. Choosing the right call tracking software is an important decision for businesses looking to accurately calculate the ROI of marketing initiatives and effectively manage leads. Continue reading to figure out which solution is best suited for your needs.

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Why PhoneWagon Software Is A Better Website Call Tracking Solution Than CallRail

Choosing the right call tracking software is an important decision for businesses looking to accurately calculate the ROI of marketing initiatives and effectively manage leads. There are several options in this market to choose from, but PhoneWagon and CallRail are sure to be two of the names that appear most often.

While both cloud-based apps have similar functionalities and purposes, PhoneWagon has a more intuitive, user-friendly UI and offers more flexible and affordable prices. Those reasons, combined with a more complete, enterprise-level package with key integrations and functions, make PhoneWagon a superior choice to CallRail.

What Is PhoneWagon?

PhoneWagon is a robust, cloud-based SaaS (Software As a Service) solution for powerful website call tracking processes and functions as a solution for call recording, analytics, and other workflows related to lead generation and lead management.

PhoneWagon allows marketing and sales departments to carry out a variety of processes, all of which revolve around five core call tracking and inbound call marketing functions:

  • Dynamically Track Calls: PhoneWagon enables your marketing software to track calls from both inbound and outbound marketing initiatives via the utilization of dynamic phone numbers. 

  • Automate Call Forwarding: PhoneWagon enables a quick and direct line to your sales team via call forwarding to a landline (or other phone systems) whenever a prospect completes any interactive form or inbound call. PhoneWagon forwards the call – or form data – directly to your sales team for immediate lead nurturing to increase conversion rates, helping to turn engagements into sales.
  • Record and Analyze Conversations: PhoneWagon aids marketing and sales officers with call scoring and future marketing/sales optimizations by allowing calls to be recorded and analyzed, along with offering a robust inbound call analytics system for the analysis of such critical Business Intelligence (BI).
  • Text Message Automation: PhoneWagon offers marketing officers key functionalities within the realm of text message marketing and automation, which increases marketing campaign impressions and CTRs that are often superior to that of email. Combined with exceptional inbound tracking, PhoneWagon allows quick automated lead and prospect nurturing (via text message marketing) whenever a potential customer indicates interest in your company via an inbound call or website form submission.
  • Automate Phone Trees: PhoneWagon allows essential information associated with your company’s marketing campaigns to be sent to large groups of users via a phone tree system that links every member in the group together. Such essential information is sent to members via the automated PhoneWagon functionality.

PhoneWagon offers a plethora of secondary and tertiary functionalities that can help businesses significantly optimize existing marketing strategies to manage new leads and shorten sales cycles. All such secondary and non-core functions and features fall under the umbrella of the five core functionalities above. These features can specifically optimize the sales pipeline of a company and lead/prospect nurturing. PhoneWagon’s functions are the best for assisting a company with its overall digital marketing strategy.

What Features Does PhoneWagon Provide?

PhoneWagon is a function-heavy and feature-rich cloud application that offers various features and functionalities for inbound and outbound marketing strategies and call tracking workflows.

  • Local & Toll-Free Numbers: PhoneWagon offers the ability to present local numbers, toll-free numbers, and dynamic numbers to prospects. This system is vital because it helps with outbound call tracking (i.e., radio, TV, paper ads that utilize local or toll-free numbers) and inbound call tracking/website call tracking. Concerning the latter, PhoneWagon is a perfect fit for website call tracking in that it uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to give unique website visitors a unique phone number, typically on your business website. This dynamic system allows visitors from individual traffic sources and keyword-based online advertising campaigns (such as PPC and CPM ad campaigns) to be tracked, analyzed, and used for more optimized future marketing campaigns.
  • Keyword-Level Tracking: PhoneWagon gives users the ability to operate on the granular keyword-level within the Google Ads (AdWords) ecosystem. This system provides marketing officers a view into which paid digital ad campaigns and associated keywords are working, which aren’t, and helps companies know where to delegate resources (towards those working) while optimizing those campaigns that aren’t driving conversions. Teams can also track their marketing spend and budget their keyword-based marketing campaigns more optimally. When it comes to inbound tracking, PhoneWagon can track Google Ads campaigns down to the keyword for both inbound calls and text messages.
  • Real-Time Reporting Call Tracking: PhoneWagon uses a real-time dashboard system that operates as a central hub for all of your company’s inbound call insights and data. The software allows for client segmentation and data analysis, call tagging, call scoring, the ability to listen to call recordings, and the critical functionality of seeing phone calls as soon as they come in.
  • Agency Features: PhoneWagon has several essential features that allow it to be used by marketing agencies for their clients, including multi-user logins, the ability to create and segment client company tracking data within the dashboard, etc., all of which allows for the creation of separate data reports and inbound tracking data for different clients associated with an agency.
  • Robust Integrations: One of PhoneWagon’s most compelling value propositions is its ability to integrate with industry-leading enterprise marketing and business suites, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Slack, Reporting Software, and dozens of other platforms.

    While all such integrations are critical for a marketing campaign’s success, the ability to integrate with Google Analytics and leading CRM software helps businesses see the bigger picture (of leads, prospects, and customers across all digital assets) associated with all marketing channels. Simultaneously, data related to all customer/prospect interactions and engagements can be tracked and managed successfully.
  • Advanced Reporting: Besides offering this all-encompassing, easy-to-use dashboard, PhoneWagon also enables users to generate comprehensive reports filled with actionable insights based on the data that the app records and processes over a specified timeframe. Such reports can answer basic questions of how to optimize your company’s marketing campaigns by offering business intelligence associated with marketing spend, call/customer traffic sources, and the ROI of specific marketing campaigns.
PhoneWagon’s Reporting System, which encompasses basic reports and more thorough, robust BI and strategic data sheets
  • Custom Call Flows: Despite being an off-the-shelf solution, PhoneWagon comes with a surprising number of customization options to address varying needs.
  • One such crucial customization function is called flow customization, which provides marketing agencies the ability to create custom IVRs (Interactive Voice Responses) via a visual, drag-and-drop interface that uses a simple UI for call flow creation.
  • Business Text Messaging: Within the dashboard system itself, PhoneWagon offers users the ability to connect with leads/prospects and customers directly via a two-way business texting utility that integrates directly with the software’s primary and secondary functionalities.
  • Custom Notifications: PhoneWagon offers a custom notification option to ensure that calls/texts are never missed by marketing and sales agents. Also provided is the functionality for businesses to send email notifications, both internally or to leads/clients, manually or automated.
  • Cloud-based Voicemail: Due to operating as a cloud-solution, PhoneWagon gives all of your company’s workers, and remote sales agents access to all critical data associated with inbound calls/texts, including cloud-based voicemail from anywhere at any time.
  • Static and Dynamic Line Tracking: The central hub dashboard of PhoneWagon offers a visual, color-coded display of the two types of numbers provided to unique visitors and customers to allow marketing officers an at-a-glance view of where calls are coming from, per campaign (static numbers such as Toll-Free/local lines, or dynamic numbers via DNI).

PhoneWagon offers a more nuanced experience with tracking inbound calls/texts from online and offline (inbound and outbound) marketing campaigns and concerning its other primary functionality – call forwarding.

Other features that PhoneWagon offers include:

  • Instant phone number setup
  • International phone numbers
  • Phone number porting
  • Whisper messages for sales agents
  • Greeting messages for customers
  • Caller status
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Email summaries
  • Email call alerts
  • And more

What Is CallRail?

CallRail is a powerful application that allows companies to track and measure their marketing campaigns, both within the online sphere (websites, social media, Adwords campaigns/PPC, etc.) and offline sphere (radio ads, TV ads, newspapers, etc.), allowing a complete inbound and outbound marketing tracking system to be leveraged via Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

Such dynamic numbers allow unique visitors and callers to be tracked, allowing for better customer-based management of lead/prospect nurturing campaigns when the software is linked with many enterprise-level CRM and Analytics apps. CallRail uses advanced Machine Learning and various features to give users the ability to manage the quantity and quality of inbound calls.

What Features Does CallRail Provide?

CallRail provides users with various crucial features that can significantly enhance inbound call management, analytics, and tracking due to its primary functions of call routing/forwarding, call attribution and call recording features. The software is segmented into four critical and one secondary set of features to complement its primary functions:

  • Activity Section (Dashboard and Call Log): This section gives users a central hub with a graph to display their call volume and quantity over a customizable period. Below that is a call log associated with an agency/company tied to specific unique numbers associated with a campaign. Filters allow users to narrow the data to include:
    • Certain date ranges
    • Specific calls/Call Tags
    • Specific tracking numbers
    • Call Types (outbound calls, missed calls, etc.)
  • Customizable Reports Section (Acquisition and Behavior): Reports are broken down into two sections
    • Acquisition: This section displays a graph that analyzes the quality of campaigns based on overall inbound call goals and data analytics. Ultimately, this section of reports looks at which campaigns are driving the most calls to your business. Micro-level reports break down each tracking number to analyze and illustrate which websites/keywords and traffic sources drive your business’s most traffic.
    • Behavior: This section offers essential data that reveals how calls are being made and handled, including peak call times, missed calls, and when most calls come in. 
  • Co-Pilot (Caller ID Sources): This function gives sales representatives information about a caller before the phone is answered. It also integrates with CRM software to provide sales reps essential information on prior customer behaviors, customer goals/solutions, and other lead nurturing data.
  • Call Flows: This function allows users to create an auditory call menu to greet callers, allowing them to reach the appropriate department easily. The system uses a visual, drag-and-drop menu system to make the customized call flow.
  • My Account (Agency Preferences): This system allows your business to create and manage different clients/companies within the cloud software ecosystem to work with various customers within the central CallRail system.

The integrations of CallRail offer an impressive list of third-party apps that work well with the functions of call tracking and customer management.

Lastly, CallRail offers several pricing packages, ranging from a basic plan with a certain amount of numbers/minutes and two analytics suites, followed by an all-encompassing plan that combines the analytics functions and essential functions in one package.

Why You Should Choose PhoneWagon Over CallRail

Every aspect of PhoneWagon is more robust and more feasible to use when compared with CallRail, from setting up PhoneWagon to leveraging and utilizing the cloud application’s more advanced features. PhoneWagon has more advanced features in its ecosystem that are a great compliment to marketing workflows than CallRail.

More Affordable Plans

PhoneWagon overall offers more affordable plans to businesses of all sizes. It also offers a trial, multiple (flexible) options, and white-glove setup and implementation to ensure that your company deploys this software solution in a way that fits your enterprise’s digital marketing strategy.

PhoneWagon offers both a set of monthly plans and annual plans, which provides a reduced cost.

The value of PhoneWagon comes with its unlimited user number and agency/client system in conjunction with offering multiple, international, and local numbers to forward to your company’s phone systems, with a more generous amount of minutes included in each plan.

Better Support And Training

One of the most important aspects of any helpful software application is the human presence behind the software. PhoneWagon consistently gets excellent reviews, and its support and customer service are top-notch. Not only do top executives frequently lead new users in troubleshooting their issues and setting up the cloud app, but the company offers full white-glove implementation that helps companies with:

  • Workflow Consultation: The PhoneWagon company will help your business undergo its call tracking transformation by first consulting with your team to fully understand your strategy, marketing model, and business goals.
  • Setup: The PhoneWagon company will also set up the cloud app to integrate with your existing business processes. This system includes consistent support and troubleshooting workflows as needed.
  • Integration Support: The PhoneWagon team will continue to work with you to ensure that your existing applications – such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Slack, etc. – are integrated with PhoneWagon optimally to create a complete tracking system for your entire digital marketing pipelines.
  • Training Sessions: The PhoneWagon company also hosts training sessions to ensure that your marketing and sales team – and your clients – are equipped with the skills to leverage their cloud app for call tracking workflows fully.

Greater Number Of Users

One of the most critical features of PhoneWagon is its ability (with any plan) to offer marketing teams unlimited users that can access the system, all with their own login information. PhoneWagon also offers robust user access control and privilege mechanisms so that said users can only access what they need to complete their necessary tasks, creating a safe, secure, and private cloud environment.

PhoneWagon allows marketing agencies to add clients to their system by segmenting the client’s call tracking data and login information associated with the cloud system. Simultaneously, the same clients could also log in to the cloud system to obtain their (segmented) key reports and critical call tracking data.

Google Analytics Integration

Along with offering various key third-party integrations, PhoneWagon provides an essential integration with Google Analytics. When combined with keyword tracking of Google Ads, this gives users a complete view of campaign analytics for total performance & ROI calculations.

  • Website Analytics (Google Analytics): Connecting Google Analytics to PhoneWagon allows you to track related lead generation metrics at each stage of the funnel. 
  • Call Tracking Analytics (PhoneWagon): Tracking inbound calls and texts and automating lead generation and prospect nurturing workflows for quick conversions is a valuable part of what PhoneWagon offers its users. This tracking will help analyze the effectiveness of lead sources which helps with campaign optimization and budget allocation.
  • PPC/Keyword Analytics (Google AdWords/Ads): Integrating PhoneWagon with Google Ads allows you to track specific keyword-based Adword campaigns to see which keywords are driving the most traffic, giving you a threefold advantage:
    • Allocate more money to those keywords that are driving the most traffic.
    • Reduce funds for expensive keywords that are not driving much traffic.
    • Optimize your entire keyword strategy and increase your Adwords ROI.

Integrations are an important consideration when evaluating call tracking software. The ability to integrate PhoneWagon with leading sales and marketing software solutions means that your company will have the systems in place to track and manage leads and customers and the associated data points at each stage of the funnel.

IVR/Voice Recognition

One of the more significant advantages that PhoneWagon has over CallRail and other competitors is customizing call flows via IVR. This cutting-edge system helps automate key workflows to engage further and nurture leads who need a quick solution to their problems. Along with automated text responses to leads and the ability to label and tag/categorize recorded calls, this robust and comprehensive system helps avoid missed opportunities while contributing to improved conversion rates and shortened sales cycles.

The IVR system allows your company to set up a customized and automated voice-based menu so that your sales agents can handle only the most critical workflows. When callers call the dynamic, local, or toll-free number that you’ve set up, not only will the call be forwarded, but a custom voicemail and menu can be created via an easy, visual, drag-and-drop system that has several features:

  • Create custom menus and greetings
  • Setup a custom menu in minutes
  • Add custom options and decide what happens for each option or if callers don’t select an option
  • Add extensions and ask callers to press a number for each of your company’s departments
  • Uses robust, cutting-edge voice recognition software

Such a powerful system aids in engaging your customers and increases the reputable nature of your brand due to the added professionalism.

Consider Phonewagon For Your Website Call Tracking Solution

Website Call Tracking software is a powerful solution for ensuring that your qualified leads are  nurtured through their journey and salespeople are freed up to spend their time on revenue-generating activities. PhoneWagon offers the most relevant and powerful features at the best cost, yielding a positive ROI that will leave your company in a better position to drive success.

Looking for a firm that can help you select the right sales and marketing solutions for your needs?