5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

Why Your Business Needs A Blog
Building Blogs for your business site is one of the most clever ways to attract customers and build traffic for your site as you establish your business in the spotlight. Why you ask? One of the reason is that you can raise awareness among the people who aren’t planning to use your service or product yet, but they already know who you are. This can make them consider you as an option and even recommend you to their peers.

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Not everyone feels like the most qualified content creator, or they just don’t think that writing a blog for their business is a wise or justifiable use of their time.

Now, you may very well be someone who has never bothered looking at the blog section of a business website, and that is ok. It doesn’t however, instantly mean that you can measure marketing best practices against your own personal purchasing and research habits!

The post will go on to give you some fantastic reasons, often counterintuitive reasons, to start writing more and really getting some content up on your website.

1. You Need It To Be Competitive

There is no denying that some consumers simply prefer to buy from a brand that has connected with them through their blog.

A well written blog is a great way of building engagement, interest and trust with your potential customers.

As online marketing and internet culture have been progressing, there is a certain expectation that a business website will have a little more to say than “about us” “why choose us” “and our products and services” as well as a home page.

If you are competing against other businesses who are blogging, then this core contingent of internet users who come across your site will gravitate more towards the other company. Think of it like you are at a social event, do you pay more attention to the loud and talkative person or the quiet reserved person?

You want your website to be outgoing, interesting, and engaging, it is part of what gets you across the line in some people’s minds.

If you are competing against businesses that don’t blog, then that is even better! As you will be the first business in your industry to start taking the initiative in providing a more alluring customer experience.

2. It Helps Bring Traffic To Your Site

This can seem counterintuitive right, your blog is your website, so how does creating more pages actually bring more people to your site?

For starters, your blog should have social media share icons, which encourage people who are already reading your blog to potentially share it with their friends, which means more people may visit.

Second of all, blogging is a fantastic and crucial method of getting better results in search engines such as Google or Bing. Search engines are constantly scouring the internet to see what pages are available to be shown to people as they search for various things.

The more posts you can do that potentially may help someone who is looking for information online, the more chance it is that a search engine will deliver your website to someone’s query.

Not only do you have a greater reach for search engines, but Google also has publicly and openly stated that they favor websites that have fresh content being uploaded regularly. The main place that you will be posting fresh content is going to be your blog!

3. It Captivates the Attention of Customers Who Aren’t Ready to Buy Yet

Depending on what industry you are in, your target clients may be more or less likely to do extensive research before they make a purchasing decision.

No matter what field you are in, however, there is a definite value in having more to say and writing helpful articles that address the problems and potential solutions that your business can help them with.

For example, if you sell Business Consulting then you would write your blog about the various issues that a business may face, or about ways that they can test for whether they have issues. After you have addressed some of the finer aspects of them realising that they do infact have a problem, then you can talk about the strategies that you could be using in helping people correct their processes and administration in order to solve the problem.

Customers go through phases before a purchase, the initial phase is going to almost always be gathering information and resources that will help them become more aware of whether they even have a problem that needs solving; if your website is the place that they are helping to diagnose their problems then you are already building a relationship with them!

4. Your Blog Establishes You as An Authority in Your Industry

Having one page on your website that says what products or services you are able to provide is one thing, but when you go into further detail and explain the process or demonstrate how much you know about your product or service, then you are going that one step further.

When you write concise articles and blog posts about your industry, you are showing the world that you know what you are talking about and that your company is the one that should be trusted to get the job done!

5. Each Article is an Asset

Every blog that you write is an asset that you get to keep and use in your marketing efforts over and over again.

Each topic that you address in your blog is not only useful at the time that you write it, it is something that other people will find useful in the time to come. You can keep referring back to older posts, build upon them, have them all follow a guiding theme, and gradually build up a network of articles that can keep prospects and potential clients engaged for hours as they learn more about your industry and your business.

It Doesn’t Have to be an Ordeal!

Sometimes you may find yourself sitting there looking at your keyboard in utter frustration, but this is generally caused by not having a content strategy in place. When you have a plan for what the next month, three months, or even years worth of blogs will look like then it becomes a lot clearer!

Want to build blogs that would attract a lot of people to your business?