Ontraport Experts

Certified Ontraport Experts at Your Service

We consider certification just one valuable step toward ensuring that we know enough about Ontraport to serve as your trusted advisor for this powerful business tool. Our team members are prepared to assist with all your Ontraport needs, from custom objects and systems architecture, all the way through to email template design, development, and testing.

Our Founders' Journey Back to Ontraport

Joshua Ballard, our founder, completed his first major project in CRM strategy and management by overseeing a transition from Ontraport to Infusionsoft for his former employer. Six years later, he rediscovered Ontraport as an incredibly useful tool and fully immersed himself in its capabilities. At Paradox Marketing, every aspect of our operations, from managing suppliers and invoices to our sales funnel and operational services, relies on Ontraport. It serves as the automation backbone of our entire organization.

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