Hello there!

Wilden Justice here, but you can just call me WIlden! I am part of the Content Team here at Paradox.

As a Content Team member I need to work creatively and also do a lot of researches so that that the stuff that I write with my comrades not only that it will resonate with the people who read it, but also answering their questions well.

I’m also involved with auditing the sites we manage so I’m like the physician that examine the sites before it’s being read by the doctors, or in this case the devs.

Outside my role as part of the Content Team, I like to share knowledge and experiences with other people from the same and other groups of expertise, more on the receiving end, actually. I realize that so many thing out there that I don’t know and would be a loss for me if I don’t take my shot learning them when I’m given the opportunity to do so.

Oh, I’m also in the mid of learning about basic programming, so at least I can help automate a little process around me.

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