Hello! I’m Shella Ruelan, the SEO Manager at Paradox Marketing. I lead a small but competent team of Content Strategists, who motivate me to become even more driven than I already am, and direct tasks toward the Design and Development teams as needed.

I find SEO fascinating, I think this is why I’ve come to fully embrace it even coming from a background that’s entirely unrelated: Accountancy. I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I know about it to my team (or anyone who’s interested to learn about it, really).

I know there is so much more that I can learn from this industry – which is precisely the reason I can never get enough of it. 🙂

Outside of work, I am a mom of two and a wife. As short as that statement is, what it involves is the opposite. That part of my life (both exhausting and rewarding) is what allows me to work with passion and commitment.

I worked as an Accounting staff for an export manufacturing company for over a decade. What kept me there that long was not the work (nor the pay), but the colleagues I consider as family to this day. Eventually, discontent from the daily grind won out and I resigned.

For several years within that time, I had always wondered about freelancing. After a one-year hiatus, I started applying for work-from-home jobs. In December 2018, Joshua took a chance on me, taking me on as VA/Content Marketer, even knowing I had no related experience, except that maybe I was pretty decent with the written word.

Joshua trained me himself, eventually promoting me as a Content Strategist. I’ve since then mimicked his method in teaching my team what I know. I did take a break from Paradox after two years, to spread my wings so to speak. Briefly, I practiced SEO for other companies and several affiliate sites, and even working for Miles Beckler.

Several months after I left, Joshua gave me an irresistible offer to come back, and I did. My time away always felt like I was floundering in deep water, trying to assimilate in vain. As short as that time was, it’s remarkable to me how coming back felt like coming home.

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