Hi, Jen here. I’m the Ops Manager for Paradox Marketing. I’m a mother and a gamer. I’ve been working online since 2010. Having worked in this environment for more than 10 years, I’ve met all types of people and have honed my leadership skills overtime. I’ve learned that with great power comes with great responsibilities. The one thing that I will never forget is when my former employer described me as a mother hen. He saw me as a mother hen who is very protective of her chicks. I consider myself a very patient person but there is limit to my patience.

I worked online- full time as a team manager at a US based Web Development company where my duties included project management (creation of SOPs and over all administration of projects from start to finish), helped with customer support via helpscout, sending out reports to customers, QA, linkbuidling, email marketing and research on top of making sure that everyone is on the right track especially since we all worked from home in different locations.

Before Integratepro, I also helped out in building teams for my other employer, in an undisclosed Australian Internet Marketing Company for 5 years as one of its SEO team managers

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