I’m Andrea and I’m hitting my last year of college as a tourism student. I’m a newbie in this field so I’m currently testing the waters and see how it would turn out. I’ve rendered hours of service as a student leader in the University I’m in right now. During my free time, I read books, groom my fur babies and clean, until it sparkles, the house. I am hoping that as I stay in Paradox, I will get to expand my horizon and achieve my personal and professional goals. Without Paradox, I’ll be a full-time stay-at-home daughter and a student relying on her scholarship grants but as I took another role to play, there have been no regrets.

I’ve tried being a promotional endorser on a telecommunication company but it was just for two days and I’ve tutored two elementary kids during summer. Regardless of these, this is my first paying job under a company.

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