Hi, I’m Al – father of 2, husband of 1, and SEO evangelical for all.

I’m one of the strategists that audit work after an initial stratagem has been in place. My job is to look for opportunities to improve the strategy in place at the tactical level. In a sense, I’m passed the baton, and I am expected to run it to the next in line (or, in some cases, to the finish line).

I’m focused on EAT (what all the core algorithm updates are about), customer journey hacking, site structure, internal linking, and reaching the 10,000 steps a day mark.

Apr 2006 – Army National Guard
Aug 2014 – English Composition Instructor
Jun 2016 – SEO Consultant
Oct 2019 – SEO Specialist at Centeno-Schultz Clinic
Mar 2022 – SEO Strategist at Advanced Lodging Llc

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