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What is your Monthly budget?

$ 60
For $60 Budget We Could:
Most Other Agencies Can't Do Much in Hours

You may be surprised by what can be achieved in just two hours of consistent attention, with the right tools, you can for a site. Its the sites that don’t get this which end up looking all wonky over time. As code is deprecated, plugins cease being supported, you can’t expect your site to just sit there for half a decade and still be perfect.

You’ll always have us when you need us, and we will be caring for your site even when you haven’t looked at it yourself in months.

Hours is Just Enough to Know We Have Your Back

A retainer with us doesn’t have to be huge to still know that your site is in safe and capable hands. With hours to play with, we will at least be able to make sure that your WordPress is in the safest and healthiest state it can be.

You will always have our team ready and waiting to assist you with any changes or updates you are looking for on your site.

Think of this as pretty much just under a day of having  a team member who can do a crazy broad range of tasks. Only they aren’t only available for a single day that month. No minimum charge times, set as many requests as you want.

You can slice that into as many pieces as you need.

Hours is Enough For Us to Make Some Serious Progress for Your Site

You will always have our team ready and waiting to assist you with any changes or updates you are looking for on your site.

You will have a dedicated account manager so you never have to wonder who you should be contacting. It will be their job to make sure that your requests are acted on ASAP, that everyone in our team understands your business and that progress is being made!

With hours to play with, you have enough time to be running multiple projects and initiatives with us, across our entire core offerings.

Only they aren’t only available for a three specific days that month. No minimum charge times, set as many requests as you want.

You can slice that into as many chunks as you need.

Hours is The Sweet Spot

hours will allow some serious work to take place. It is enough budget to allow for weekly stand-up calls, and monthly strategy reviews.

With this type of budget you will be able to have multiple initiatives open with us. Need a blog post to be upgraded with some custom illustrations? No problem, and it won’t even mean that we have to take the foot of the gas on all your other initiatives.

It will allow us to get into a good ebb and flow of projects you want to take lead on, and ones which we can recommend for you.

Is Just the Tip of the Ice Berg

When your retainer with us starts to get a lot larger, then we also start to draw upon our immediate network of highly specialised freelancers and contractors. We are talking people who are the absolute top of their game at such a tiny specialty, that half the time you didn’t even know that such a profession existed.

With hours you are pretty much getting an entire marketing department at your disposal, with no hold back. Just a raw pursuit of excellence in all things web and SEO.

Entire Departments Often Have Less Than Hours to Get Results

Imagine always knowing that you had enough time to pursue every idea, to launch every campaign, build every funnel and still have space to ponder on the bigger picture.

This is precisely what we bring you at this range. With hours at your disposal, the ability to slice and dice across as many different specialisations you could want, it will be our chance to truly show you what we are capable of.

Many agencies would start to get a little lost at this point, unsure of how to even begin spending this much time and budget. We can say this, because for the first few years of our existence we were one of those agencies. We landed a whale, and we didn’t have enough back end processes, team members and contractors to be able to hit the value mark fast enough.

That is no longer the case for us however. Now, it’s not like we could go and sign 5 retainers at this value tomorrow, but the fact that you are reading this now means we have bandwidth to bring in at least one at this size.

The real question becomes, are you ambitious enough to go this hard?

Frequently asked questions

This is all dependant on your existing stack, and then your needs. Typically we have the philosophy of avoiding plugins wherever possible, but we do use certain premium plugins for achieving things which would be either impractical or impossible to achieve without. For example, we are not going to build you a custom caching and lazy load system, this will either be completed using WP Rocket or NitroPack (depending on your budget).  

This absolutely includes content writing. We still price the retainer by hours, however we will typically recruit a dedicated content writer for your retainer. This involved us sourcing multiple writers, and then having you decide which of them matches your brand best. We pay our writers by the word, but then translate this to equivalent value in hours in order to keep the retainer balanced. 

It sure does, SEO is at the heart of all our objectives. In order to rank well, your site needs to have a solid technical base free from errors and annoying inconveniences to Google and users. Your site then needs well targeted and well written copy, spanning multiple pages, categories and silos within your site. Lastly your SEO will also require link building. All of this is covered by a retainer with us. If the retainer is on the smaller side, then we will be rotating our focus (links some months, content another, and website technical  SEO in others). 

Page speed optimization is a core and central component of any website built or managed by us. We will ensure that your site loads in under 2 seconds for your declared geographical region.  We will also ensure that you are within the satisfactory ranges for the three metrics that represent Core Web Vitals. (Largest Contentful Paint, Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift).

If you have an old site with a huge amount of plugins, it may take some time, but rest assured we will get your site loading the best it can. 

We do not operate on the Insurance Model, in which you either use it or lose it. If you have not had enough open projects, or if we experience delays for any reason, all hours owed will be rolled over into future retainers. This works both ways also, as some months in order to hit a key objective we may go over our set limit (at our discretion or yours), which will pull hours from future retainers. Our philosophy is that this is all about trust, communication and transparency. 

One thing is for sure though, we are not going to be reliant on you to be leading us and pushing us to hit targets or create objectives. We know what will work, and we will be able to execute on this in a highly autonomous way. 

Not at all. We have no interest in forcing anyone to remain our customer. You can cancel at any time

We begin with a 50% deposit invoice for your first month. Then at the end of the month we invoice 50% to finish payment for month one, and 50% as deposit for month two. 


The invoice includes a link to pay with credit card (Stripe, enabled by Xero), and you can also select auto payments (from month two onwards).

You can also pay via TransferWise or bank transfer. No checks… this is the 21st Century.

Each month we will give you a break down of hours used, and where the time went.

We run with an Agency Analytics subscription, which will allow us to centralize a dashboard and auto-report system to cover all of your channels, integrations and insights. This will be a collaborative set up process, and we will always make sure that you are receiving reporting on the KPI’s you care about the most. 

SEO does not go very far without links. We do not see ourselves as a link building agency, despite building just under 2000 outreach based links across the last year or so.  We only perform link building and outreach for retainer clients, but the processes and tools (which we built ourselves) are absolute cutting edge. 

If you are running a local business, we will also focus on your citations and NAP data as this is a super important component of ranking in the map pack. 

You don’t have to use every part of our team within your retainer. We are here to complement your team and expand upon the capabilities you already have. If you don’t need our developers, that’s great, we will have more time for content. If you have your own content team time, then you guessed it, more time for the developers and designers. So on and so forth.