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SEO, Content, Web Design, Mobile Design, And Development

J.R. Martin CPA’s goal is to help business owners throughout Shasta County, CA, grow their companies and obtain long-term success. And Paradox Marketing recently provided SEO, Content, Web Design, Mobile Design, and Development services to J.R. Martin CPA. Our team was tasked with helping the business develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to meet its goal of boosting its presence in the local marketplace.

A Rebuilt to Highlight Core Capabilities

To start, Paradox Marketing created a powerful SEO strategy for the company that ensured that their content would be seen by customers searching for specific services in the area of Shasta County, CA. This included keyword research, on-page optimization, link building and content creation so that the website could truly do justice to the wide skill sets and specializations that JR Martin provide. .

We also created engaging content to inform J.R Martin CPA’s’ potential customers about their services and how they can help them succeed in their business endeavors long-term. This content was written with specific keywords and phrases strategically placed within it to increase organic site traffic and improve overall visibility on search engine pages.

Mobile-Friendly Design, and Enhanced User Experience

Furthermore, mobile design and development was an important factor in creating an effective online presence for J.R Martin CPA because most users today access websites through their mobile devices rather than desktop computers or laptops. Therefore, we designed and developed a user-friendly website that was optimized for mobile browsing so that customers could easily find out more information about their services on the go without having to sacrifice speed or convenience in any way shape or form when doing so from a smaller device like a smartphone or tablet computer.

Paradox Marketing is proud of our successful collaboration with J.R Martin & Associates CPA which resulted in increased visibility online through SEO as well as improved site usability with web design and mobile development services.

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