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Enamoree is the ultimate companion for committed couples looking to inject freshness and excitement into their relationship. We created a website focusing on helping users find easy, creative, and romantic ways to express their love for each other. The goal was to develop a website that could inspire people to think outside the box when celebrating their relationships.

An Interactive Search Filter That Offers Quick & Tailored Results

We developed a strategy with the mission of Enamoree in mind—to help people celebrate the now of their relationships—so we filled the site with ideas about traveling, gifting, bonding, and more. To ensure maximum engagement with users, we designed the website to allow users to discover different destinations or products according to their needs quickly.

To do this, we developed interactive filters enabling customers to narrow their search based on criteria such as location or type of activity.

A Unique Visual Experience

Our team also worked on the visual concept for the website. We began by considering how we could use colors to communicate emotion, such as warm hues of orange and dark burgundy, to invoke passion and love. These shades were then incorporated into the site’s layout so that different elements would stand out without being overly busy or distracting.

We also designed custom icons for specific pages, which enabled users to identify which page they were on at a glance.

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With an unwavering passion for compelling storytelling and web design, Paradox Marketing has made a lasting impression on Enamoree’s digital presence. Discover our previous success stories with our other clients by peering at the projects showcased below!

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