Grow Your Content

Content is the life blood of all digital marketing, not just SEO. Our diverse team of researchers, outliners, writers and illustrators will keep your content production running without fail.

Your New Content Marketing Department

We speak of a department because regardless of how you feel, this can’t be managed by a single marketer.

This field of marketing requires a comprehensive set of skills and talents. Skills needed range from the analytical and mathematical through to the more abstract and creative.

I mean sure, you may find that one unicorn who can manage it all, but planning to find a unicorn doesn’t make solid business sense.

We Break Content Marketing Down to its Component Parts

We break content marketing down to the lowest common denominators. This ensures that we best leverage our team’s abilities on every single project. It’s been a long slog across the last five years. Our official process document is close to the forty or fiftieth iteration.

Strategists are the ones who can step back from a single piece of content and see it for where it stands within the bigger picture. 

Having a solid content strategy in place will save you from creating content for the sake of content (well… everyone else was doing it right?). 

Each piece of content should have a specific purpose and fit into the larger plan. It should already be known how content will help to hit business objectives.

Regardless of whether your content strategy includes SEO or not, keyword research is an invaluable step to take. 

We can research the patterns of usage, and people’s searching behaviour. This is the closest a marketer has ever been to having a finger on the pulse of their target customers. 

We come back with lists and recommendations. Creating a road map of the topics which people care about, and how they relate to your business.

The title of any piece of content sets the mood for the entire article. It is going to outline what the subject matter will be, what the URL should be, and what the purpose of the entire page will be.

Too often, we see people skip the strategy or keyword research steps and start to create titles from the word go. That’s great if your only objective for each piece of content is ‘have content written’.  Not so great if you’re trying to achieve any direct business goals. 

There are three distinct sides to any title we create.

  1. One is how will that title fits into the greater strategy.
  2. The next is whether that title directly relates to a useful keyword.
  3. The third is a little more ethereal. It refers to whether the title will be interesting enough to draw a click!

By far, our most ‘polished’ process is our outlines; which we can provide on any topic, literally any topic. Over the years, we have covered some unique and diverse businesses. We have planned content for markets spread across five different continents.

Think of the outline as a more advanced version of a writers brief. It comes with two significant advantages, research and optimization

We write an outline from an SEO perspective. We utilize the most cutting edge On-Page SEO tools and databases. Writers love us because the research is set out for them, allowing them to focus on what they do best, prose.

The writing itself is an area that we admittedly don’t always manage in house. Only because when it comes to writing, it always helps if the writer has: 

  • experience in the subject matter,
  • interest in the subject matter
  • a localized familiarity with the idiom at play (fancy speak for English natives). 

Many of our clients choose to do their own writing.  Many want to source and vet the writer themselves personally. We are more than happy to be the ones who manage the heavy lifting. Either the writing itself or the sourcing of a writer when need be.

Google is rewarding larger and larger word counts, so marketers start writing to the H5 level to add relevance and depth. We start to hit a problem that no one wants to speak about. Long form content is ugly. 

You love massive slabs of text, right? Paragraphs for days and an impenetrable wall of text coming right at you? Yea, we didn’t think so either. That is where content designers come in to play.

Our content designers have a simple goal, take the written content and create a better way to display it. 

We’re talking: 

  • toggle boxes,
  • jump links,
  • click to expand

Whatever it takes to turn a giant slab of text into a palate-pleasing digital experience.

It may sound obvious, but someone has to hit publish.

We have a large developer team, so we tend to send this straight to one of them. Not because we think a blog post needs a dev, but because we have the dev time available.  Furthermore, we have better things for our content marketers to be doing.

Remember, our entire game is about the segmentation of a larger project. We try to not waste resources with people working outside of their lanes.

It’s not enough to simply post the content. To do so would be a waste of the lengthy and intricate steps you’ve just taken. Throwing it up on your Facebook page is a step in the right direction, but don’t let things come to a halt there.

We have a run sheet of proven content promotion tactics.  We are always ready to make sure that when your post goes live, more people are reading it than just your mum.

Just as your website is never finished, neither is a piece of content. There’s always something new which can be added or some missing topic that you realised after hitting publish.

We take the same scientific approach that we use in our outlining. Then we rebuild the wheel again and again, in pursuit of a better outcome for existing content pieces.

Whether you want:

  • to rank for more keywords,
  • better rankings for your current terms,
  • a better conversion rate for your piece,

There is always something which can be done to make the content just a little bit better. 


Most of our clients run either WordPress or Hubspot. That said, our team can learn to publish on almost any CMS. 

Keyword Research

Our current process uses for our third party keyword database, Google Search Console for internal keyword research.

Outline Creation

PageOptimizerPro and are our go to tools for planning a single page. 

Trying to get a post live every month is the minimum you should be aiming for. We do not believe in drip feeding blog content though, so we will never suggest sitting on dozens of unpublished pages to try and have one appear every month. It is far better for you to get them published and indexed as son as they are written and ready.